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K01 - Invaders from the Deep

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Dale Nixon - 5 months ago

There are no known copies of either this one or the next two episodes in circulation, so please try not to get disgruntled over their missing status. Pretty much nobody has seen them since they originally aired locally around Minneapolis-St. Paul back in 1988 anyway.

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Steven T. Boltz - 10 months ago

So much for "Keep circulating the tapes"...

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Tom Servo - 11 months ago

can anyone give me a link because this ones down

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Thomas Dickensheets - 12 months ago


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John Enfield - about 1 year ago

Looks like I was too late to see it. Oddly enough only this one and a few others on this Youtube channel sparked copywright infringement protests. Apparently after those, they gave up and decided to let the guys who posted the channel have their fun. I doubt that Rhino or Shout Factory will ever release the KTMA episodes on DVD so they might as well leave them on youtube.

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Angela Nicole Rabatin - about 1 year ago

Looks like I found this a bit too late! Deleted :(:(:(

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Laura Ann Fitton - over 1 year ago

hummmm looks like Gypsy has had a little work done. It looks very natural though not a Joan Rivers sort of thing....

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his hair disturbs me greatly....

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Marie - over 1 year ago

Gypsy, is that you?

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Rob Burns - over 1 year ago

MST in it's humble beginnings...

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ScottiePympyn - almost 2 years ago

Its a Start:)