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K01 - Invaders from the Deep

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Steven T. Boltz - 3 months ago

So much for "Keep circulating the tapes"...

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Tom Servo - 4 months ago

can anyone give me a link because this ones down

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Thomas Dickensheets - 4 months ago


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John Enfield - 6 months ago

Looks like I was too late to see it. Oddly enough only this one and a few others on this Youtube channel sparked copywright infringement protests. Apparently after those, they gave up and decided to let the guys who posted the channel have their fun. I doubt that Rhino or Shout Factory will ever release the KTMA episodes on DVD so they might as well leave them on youtube.

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Angela Nicole Rabatin - 7 months ago

Looks like I found this a bit too late! Deleted :(:(:(

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Laura Ann Fitton - 10 months ago

hummmm looks like Gypsy has had a little work done. It looks very natural though not a Joan Rivers sort of thing....

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his hair disturbs me greatly....

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Marie - about 1 year ago

Gypsy, is that you?

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Rob Burns - about 1 year ago

MST in it's humble beginnings...

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ScottiePympyn - over 1 year ago

Its a Start:)