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K11 - Humanoid Woman

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Jack Glastra - 2 months ago

This was painful.

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Mbantuwe Kouasai - about 1 year ago

I'm not sure, but I feel like this is in the top five for most boring films ever riffed. No idea how a person could sit through it without Joel and the bots.

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Gordon Oxendine Jr. - over 1 year ago

One of my favorite movies to be given the treatment

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Elisa Farrington - over 1 year ago

'Bon, bon, bon, mahato bon....' Choppy but not too unbearable until they get to Dessa. Most annoyed by too many hairy moles and shots of Niya looking wide-eyed into the camera. Joel and the bots kept me sane.

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this actress is so hauntingly beautiful, but I cant find any info on her....Elena Metelkina or Yelena Metyolkina.

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MB - about 2 years ago

I got a kick out of the fact that they named the robot maid "Hazel".

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NSteve - over 2 years ago

Under different circumstances, I think "Go to the astra" could have been the companion piece to "Leave the Bronx."

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NSteve - over 2 years ago

The host segments may look familiar; most of them got recycled in Season 1.

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NSteve - over 2 years ago

This may be the strangest movie ever given the official MST3K treatment; it's certainly one of the most thoroughly butchered. Between its original theatrical release and the the making of this episode, "Humanoid Woman" has been

  • ...assembled from portions of two feature-length movies

  • ...translated from Russian to English

  • as two feature-length movies with a new translation

  • ...handed over to Sandy Frank for the usual treatment

  • ...pared down by BBI to fit the KTMA timeslot.

Small wonder that the movie makes as much sense as it does; although parts of it would not, I suspect, make sense under any circumstances. Why create an army of androgynous Sinead O'Connoroids in the first place? Who decided to cast a thirty-eight-year-old actor as a teenage gymnast, and two women of roughly the same age as his mother and grandmother? What in the blue blazes is going on with everyone's hair?!