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K12 - Fugitive Alien

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Chris Benedict - 4 months ago

I wonder if Joel doing the "sounds painful" 6 times in a row is trying to make up for crow not being there.

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Emma Avery - 5 months ago

It's so strange, not getting the "He triiiiiied to kill me with a forkliiift..."

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Sarah Fleitas - 7 months ago

These guys look like they're wearing left-over Power Ranger uniforms.

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Sarah Fleitas - 7 months ago

I swear, this movie's soundtrack sounds like it was stolen from the Donner Superman movies in places.

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TJ Brandt - 9 months ago

Love being able to watch the older episodes. Does anyone know if they were done live? Joe seems to keep messing his lines up.

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A Silhouette - 10 months ago

"Increase altitude!"
Haha what? In space? Altitude from what

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Bender Rodriguez - over 1 year ago

These cable shows are a trip when the time and weather come on screen. 2 Degrees! Brrrrrrrr

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Wade Ebel - almost 2 years ago

Interesting that in the intro to the season 0 episodes they have Gypsy after Tom Servo. Maybe back then they felt Gypsy was more prominent than Servo? Or maybe the Robot Roll Call listings doesn't mean too much. Maybe I should just relax...

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NSteve - over 2 years ago

I think the degraded video quality of this copy actually helps the movie. The opening scenes look very much like some kind of avant garde cartoon, instead of the low-budget live-action 70's show it actually was.

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Matthew Eickhoff - over 2 years ago

Strange that Crow does not appear on this one, but Joel and Servo actually do this one justice.