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K13 - SST: Death Flight

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Bruce Ellsworth Reed - 6 months ago

This movie wasn't that bad compared to some of them.

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Steve Kelleher - 7 months ago

Q from Star Trek TNG, and Ben Sisko's father from Star Trek DS9 (also an admiral in ST: VI) this movie is the #1 movie I wish they redid in the regular series.

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Mike Sgro - 10 months ago

WOW Dr Forrester is "Clay" plus he looks like Klaus Kinski, and Joel looks like one my old high school bong smoking buddies.

2 laughs - 12 months ago

A good rule of thumb is the hero of your movie should never look this much like Ron White.

1 laugh - 12 months ago

There's a number of Rocky jokes here but I just can't seem to hit them.

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That's makeup lady extrordinaire Faye Burkholder voicing and working Gypsy roughly an hour in. Watch closely; Servo's mouth is moving ever-so-slightly. You'll see why in a minute or two.

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The spittake Movie Sign at the beginning is puh-riceless.

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Everything else I've seen of Season 0 has been really rough going; the riffing is wildly inconsistent as it was all improvised in that season. Then, in the middle of all that roughness, here's this little jewel. Everybody's hitting. Even Servo is good, and I never cared for the way Weinstein played him. This could've been a Season 1 episode, easily. I'm really surprised that this movie wasn't one of the Season 0 movies that was re-riffed at Comedy Central. A great companion piece for San Francisco International.

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Robert Ferguson - over 1 year ago


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NS - almost 2 years ago

Servo singing "The Banana Boat Song" puts a big, stupid grin on my face.

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RevJJVQ - almost 2 years ago

*0:45:42* The Penguin gets off a good one!

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Ryan J. - about 2 years ago

It's nice seeing Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation.