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K15 - Superdome

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Holy crap, naughty riff at 20:15! Am I hearing this right?!
Crow: "Do you have any of those little cocktail weenies?"
Servo: "Joel does."

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Hey! It's the White Shadow.

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Jeffrey Adam Grewe - 10 months ago

I really loved the animosity between Servo and Crow this one..." put your head between your knees and do a backflip.... or something....i dont know"

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Ray Garraty - over 1 year ago

Ken Howard of 'The White Shadow' fame has been in some decent films such as 'Michael Clayton.' This isn't one of them.

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Robert Brown - over 1 year ago

Not only do we have a football movie without a single frame of football game in it, we have to watch Donna Mills seduce David Jansen. I didn't ask to see that, didn't want to see that, and wish I hadn't seen that.

This is a good episode, but a tough one to watch.

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Fredrick Stafford - over 1 year ago

I am football obsessed. In the off season I have been known to watch anything even remotely connected to the game to get me through. Then I saw this. I can honestly say I would have preferred to spend the 90 minutes listening to Joe Theismann discuss his prostate issues.

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Aileen Smithee - over 1 year ago

Y'know, I'd still rather watch this again than sit through another bunch of overblown Super Bowl ads.

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Brian Kijowski - over 2 years ago

The Warren Beatty film Crow refers to during the scaffold chase is "The Parallax View." Too bad there weren't any railing deaths in this movie.

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NS - over 2 years ago

I thought I was ready. After I survived apes and ants, dinosaurs, mutants, androids, airplanes and turtles, I thought I could handle anything. No one told me there would be football!