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K16 - City on Fire

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I'll bet you Leslie Nielsen had an exorbitant amount of fun spraying people with that hose.

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Wait so the refinery was built inside of the city? That is pretty dumb. Also, I've done a little bit of research on this (and when I say a little bit, I admittedly mean a very little bit) and it seems like the only way that a firestorm would cause those people to suffocate is if that hospital was encircled by the fire. A firestorm is a fire that is so powerful it creates its own wind systems to sustain itself. Once it actually starts, it becomes much more difficult for the fire to spread (though it's way harder to put out). My point is, the plot of this film is pretty ridiculous and highly unlikely based on my limited understanding of the concepts.

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Sarah Fleitas - 5 months ago

These later KT episodes seem a lot better, joke-wise. It's like they're really getting into the groove of their show now.

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Michael Noga - 10 months ago

I kind of like the slower pace of the first season or two. There aren't as many big laughs but they're still laid back enjoyable episodes, especially when the movie isn't half bad.

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Teri Gee - about 1 year ago

Mildly-peeved researchers. Hah!

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Robert Brown - about 1 year ago

This patchwork flicks makes for a terrific episode. One of the best 0s.

MST has always dine their best work on these 70s cheesefests.

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Elisa Farrington - over 1 year ago

This film was too tragic and there wasn't enough wrong with it; the acting and special effects were too good. I worked on Photoshop at the same time and took in the riffs; never thought I'd say it but I'm ready for another Sandy Frank film...and I'm in luck as the next one is a compilation of 26 episodes of a Japanese sci-fi series...bring on Time of the Apes!

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Mike Mayberry - over 1 year ago

It's so weird to think that these once aired on a regular local TV station. Oh, and hello everyone! I'm a new guy, but I've been a MSTie since 1992. Nice to meet you all.

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Brad Gravett - almost 2 years ago

"Debbie, please don't die, please don't die, I'll stop smoking, I promise~~~!" What a cheese fest!

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NS - over 2 years ago

Yeah, Dr. Ehrhardt, where's the science?