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K18 - The Million Eyes of Sumuru

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Teri Gee - 12 months ago

Oh, it appears the episode has been taken down.

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Teri Gee - 12 months ago

This is one of those movies that...I'm ashamed to admit I actually laughed at some of the lines. Frankie Avalon wondering if he was supposed to sing, the exchange of "Have I overestimated your intelligence?" "Well, it's not hard to do." I'm not saying it's a good movie, but there are a few clever lines.

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both these main guys are so obnoxiously smug and irritating.... :p

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Super McWonderfull - over 1 year ago

Oh man this movie is pretty cheesy... Definitely written by a man !!!

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Aileen Smithee - almost 2 years ago

I was hoping "Sumuru" would be some kind of Gamera prototype, but no such luck.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make every last character in your movie this deeply stupid and unlikeable.

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NSteve - over 2 years ago

*0:11:50* The "dead" woman lifts her head up out of the water just before the crossfade finishes.