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K19 - Hangar 18

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Bryson Gerard - about 1 month ago

Wait. Crow ripping on "TV 23"? Is that Network 23? Fas-fas-fascinating.

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Dr. Despicable - 8 months ago

"Get my belt..."? Why does a man who exclusively wears jumpsuits even OWN a belt?

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Robert Brown - about 1 year ago

Solid episode. DUmb, dumb, dumb movie. Most contrived plot mechanism ever.

ON the other hand, have you ever wanted to see the dad from "Teen Wolf" in an action sequence? Well, here's your cuppa!

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KnowLaughingMatters - about 1 year ago

Gee, some people see a U.F.O. and they just lose their head.

Apparently NOT a superiour race! These aliens can travel billions of miles through space but can't get out of the way of a satellite. Sheesh!
They probably can't paralle park either. Not even in a parallel universe.

There are a lot of facial expressions not commented on in this episode. I would have loved to see them redo it a couple of seasons later when they they were really in the zone.

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so we finally know what CROW stands for....

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NS - about 2 years ago

This is another one that I saw without riffing. It was so good, I forgot pretty much everything about it-- except the ending, which is slightly different between the theatrical and television versions.

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RevJJVQ - over 2 years ago

"Daddy? What's Vietnam?"