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209 - The Hellcats

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Divinebovine - about 1 month ago

Disabled...nuuu not another one!

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Mark Peter Baron - 4 months ago

"I am on a seafood diet"
"Yeah I've been eating allot of fish, shrimp."

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Gigantor! - 4 months ago

This is a bad one. I mean, like, bad bad bad bad bad. But there are plenty of gems, especially on Joel's part But the movie-- aye, it's sooo bad! You owe to yourself to watch it again.

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John Carnahan - 5 months ago

Wow this has to be one of the worst movies ever featured on the show!

1 laugh - 5 months ago

♫I don’t know what’s happnen!♫

0 laughs - 5 months ago

22:23 Daryl Hannah? Kill Bill Daryl Hannah?

3 laughs - 5 months ago

Wait. Crow did a Wall Street reference while doing an impression of the announcer from the Super Friends. I’m baffled by this strangest of combinations.

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I love how pissy they are with each other in this episode.

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Teri Gee - 6 months ago

I love that we have the stamp of bad movies with Anthony Cardoza and Sergeant Justine (from Red Zone Cuba). Even after making their stamp with the Coleman Francis classics, they still managed to make more bad movies later!

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Kelly Slane - 7 months ago

You know, I just noticed: right after the first commercial break, when they're inhaling whatever they put in Servo, the noises they make sound like the noise Jack Lemmon makes in the Odd Couple when he's clearing his sinuses!

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hippiekarl7 - 7 months ago

The bartender sure looks like Hollywood's Eli Wallach...especially at the end.

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fleshdunce - 7 months ago

Okay: sometimes I just breeze through the comments real quick to help me pick an episode.
For anyone else who is a sheeple like me: yes, watch this one; give it a go. It's not, like, solid gold or anything, but I think it deserves a few more laughs.

....this movie is heinous, though- make no mistake

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Gregory Robert Dunn - 8 months ago

I'm surprised how little laughs for this's been on video for so long! One of my early favorites for sure!

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Kimono Dragon - 9 months ago

18:34 The line "You don't have to be Fellini to figure that out" was from an old George Carlin routine. From the album "FM & AM" I think. Not complaining, just making an observation.

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Elisa Farrington - 11 months ago

"This video contains content from Lionsgate which has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." I'm watching from England. From the comments I gather I'm not missing much...on to KING DINOSAUR!!

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Alex C. - about 1 year ago

I love how casually the duck on the lake at 15:25 reacts to the sound of a gunshot. A fellow might get to thinking that sound was piped in!

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Aileen Smithee - about 1 year ago

This film might actually be worse than Manos. :/

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#1. Joel tried to make this a family show. He read letters on the air from small children complete with cute drawings. Yet they show this movie, with its sexuality, drug references, and disturbing violence against women. I prefer when the guys at least react with "Hey!" when someone hurts a woman. Here, they just joked about it. And #2. Casting couldn't find any guys with actual long hair? I've never seen a biker gang with such corporate haircuts in my life. Ridiculous.

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Super McWonderfull - about 1 year ago

36:30 - I'd rather get high than cancer poster !!

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Bruce Box-Liker - over 1 year ago

I think it's been four times now that I've come across this episode and thought, "Wait, what the hell happens in this one? I'd better re-watch it." Between the marginally lucid movie and the unfortunate clip-show style host segments, it's got to be the only MST3K episode that's less memorable than "Gunslinger".

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Austin Strong - over 1 year ago

Am I the only one that sings along to the riffing of those terrible, nonsensical songs? "NO NO NONO NO!" "Yes."

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Brad D - over 1 year ago

Ross Hagen...the poor man's Steve McQueen.

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Olivia P - almost 2 years ago

*sniffle* Now they got me crying too! Waaaaah!

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Kimono Dragon - almost 2 years ago

This is the embodiment of MST3K. Absolutely terrible movie, fantatic riffs! When the movie gets so bad that we are ebarrassed to be watching, riffing is a survival mechanism.

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Alex Stefanic - about 2 years ago

Anthony Cardoza? Why does that name sound familliar? *One Google search later* OH DEAR GOD IT'S THE GUY WHO PRODUCED THE COLEMAN FRANCIS MOVIES!!!