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K21 - Legend of the Dinosaurs

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Amse Master - about 1 month ago

Man that is one funky-ass soundtrack. I can dig it.

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Bender Rodriguez - 8 months ago

JOEL: The music's all wrong. They're playing Jethro Tull.
SERVO: Well he did have an aqua-lung.

Hem hemhem. Well done.

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Bruce Ellsworth Reed - about 1 year ago

00:11:00 Left Handed! Ahh, the perfection of the human race.

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Teri Gee - over 1 year ago

Never trust a man with two first names...especially if one of them is a woman's.

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Robert Brown - over 1 year ago

This is a dark, dark, dark movie, not really MST material in my estimation. I'm glad they didn't revisit it later, and not surprised. You can mock anything, but mutually-parasitic psychosexual violence is definitely tough to make light of without looking like an insensitive clod. Plus all the gory trauma. Though plenty funny, this one required a break or two.

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Tank Rambo - over 1 year ago

Gosh! I had this movie when I was a kid. I found it in the $1 bin at the local Dominick's. If it had "dinosaurs" written on it you could be sure I would buy it.

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Aileen Smithee - over 1 year ago

I share Joel's feelings about how wildly inappropriate most of the music is for what's happening onscreen.

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timeofthecapes - over 2 years ago

IMO, the best KTMA episode. Shame they never redid this one in a later season.