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K08 - Gamera vs. Guiron

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And this one's gone too. I was watching it yesterday just fine so now I'm pissed.

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Elisa Farrington - over 1 year ago

I think this should have been called Attack of Akiyo and Tom -Wooden Boys from Earth. Tom Servo has more mobility than they do. If I had been in the SOL, this is the movie that would have finished me off. The music, the cardboard sets, the story, the acting and the VOICES and especially Akiyo and Tom...ohhh. And then there's the appearance of gory Guiron slicing up Gaos much to Joel's horror....SO BAD IT'S PERFECT. Good riffs I thought.

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gah!!! the voice acting is just.... no words!!!!

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NS - over 2 years ago

This is where Season 0 starts to hit stride, I think. Joel makes actual jokes over the credits instead of just mangling the names (I didn't say they were good jokes...),the whole gang is there, the riffs come fast and continuously and some of them are pretty funny. It helps that they're working with the strangest and most upsetting of the Gamera (sorry, Gameron) movies; "strange and upsetting" has always been BBI's specialty.

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Matthew Eickhoff - over 2 years ago

Interesting to note that the Gamera song has its origins in Joel's riffings on this episode. They must've honed in on that and made it funnier once they decided to do this one again.

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Zap R. - over 2 years ago

These are significantly different. The edit,the riffing is mostly lame. The season 3 versions are way better.