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K09 - Phase IV

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Paramount Pictures SUCKS
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James Wohlever - 19 days ago

UPDATE: 11/4/2014

Sorry MSTies
Paramount Pictures decided to be dicks about this and the link I posted had to be pulled.

"After reviewing your dispute, Paramount Pictures has decided that their copyright claim is still valid.
Video title: MST3k - Phase IV - Season 0 - Episode 09
Includes: Audiovisual content
Claimed by: Paramount Pictures
The copyright owner might disagree with your dispute.
The reason you gave for disputing the claim may have been insufficient or invalid.
- The YouTube Team"

Good luck to anyone else getting this episode out there.

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D Emerson - about 1 month ago

funniest line ever in an MST3k:
"They should just spray 'Off' on them. You can't beat off in the woods!"
I shot coffee out my nose!

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I never actually watched the full episode before, only the beginning. It's creeping me out. And I have to say, I wish I had already eaten. I'm hungry and I don't want to eat while watching ants consume things and people. Yeccchh.

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Joshua Roberts - 4 months ago

Salvageable premise?
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I've seen this one a couple times before it got taken down and while I can say it is a strange film that plods along at a snail's pace, I feel like the concept of hyper-intelligent ants being the monster could have been implemented a little better.

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Drew Raub - 6 months ago

Uploaded a new copy of the full episode.

K09 - Phase IV Host Segments
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Jason Samuels - 6 months ago

The second "best of" link is a collection of all the available KTMA host segments. The host segments for K09 - Phase IV start at 44:27 and end at 53:35. I tried to adjust the link so that it would begin and end at those specific times, but I was unsuccessful. If anyone would like to adjust the link accordingly, please do so.

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Curtis Snyder - 7 months ago

where has Phase IV gone... I actually liked this movie... which is hard with any of the MST3K movies that aren't Gamera or Godzilla

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Mbantuwe Kouasai - about 1 year ago

Well, it was boring, and the plot twist at the end was one of the laziest, stupidest, cop-out endings I've ever seen, but at least the acting was okay?

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Note at around 1:04 or so, something falls over with a loud bang. Joel looks around and says "What happened over there?" Josh tries to cover, saying Gypsy must have dropped something again.

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DAMMIT! Link's down.

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Robert Brown - over 1 year ago

This flick manages a remarkable feat: it is both fascinating and dull.

I will be reading Malzberg's novelization, for sure. The story is right up his alley, and I think he can do more with the idea.

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Jordan Salomen - over 1 year ago

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Bender Rodriguez - over 1 year ago

Link is gone... Phase IV, I hardly knew you

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I love the commercials!

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Chris Lake - over 2 years ago

Actually not a bad movie. Kind of slow and thoughtful. The ending was kind of abrupt, though.

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DeaDGoD (John Rogers) - over 2 years ago

The first non-Gamera MST that has been "recovered" by fans... The original pilot and episodes k01-03 has some footage available, buy only k04 (the first of five Gamera films watched in a row) and onward have full tapes floating around.

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Zap R. - over 2 years ago

Watching this movie is a lot like watching paint dry!

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It's so cute, all the sort of preproduction bots and whatnot.

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Matthew Eickhoff - over 2 years ago

So strange seeing the early incarnation of MST3K. Really glad they hung in there and stayed with it.