1106 - Starcrash

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John Adams - 5 months ago
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You can't Hassle The Hoff

Jaguar Wong Abides - 3 months ago
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Love the UFO Song ... ♫ Let me be the Picard to your Beverly Crusher ♫
Added a Youtube link of the song in the 'Best of'

Wait, what? Akton is impervious to deadly laser rays, but dies 'cause he got a little cut on his arm? C'mon!
Aaron Kuehmichel - 3 months ago
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THE best episode of the season, simply because the film is so utterly ridiculous. It's like Star Wars written by eight-year-old boys using Mad Libs.

Snuffy Wuffykiss - 5 months ago
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My favorite episode this season. Babes in bikini's, Light sabers, Hasselhoff and lots and lots of model spaceships!!!