1205 - Killer Fish

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Pgj1997 - over 1 year ago
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There was a huge mastering error when I first watched this episode. The second time Gypsy comes down, her line of "She can walk! It's a miracle!" was muted. Fortunately, the subtitles clarified the line for me. They've since fixed it, but it was still such a jarring mistake. How nobody caught that is beyond me.

For those of you out there who own the Blu-Ray, I seriously hope the error isn't present there as well.

Jeremy423 - about 2 years ago
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Were there any references to "The fall Guy" in this episode? If there was I must have missed them, heard a few "Six Million Dollar Man" riffs. Although I have to remember that Colt Seevers was ..."the unknown stuntman"...