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For general Mystery Science Theater 3000 discussion.
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Theiguanaman2 - about 1 hour ago

I sat down at the miller center at racc and saw a college production of Shrek the Musical. It was astounding...well....not astounding, but good.

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RiffTrax has a new VOD, 'The Sword and the Sorceror', and from what I read on the RiffTrax forum it has some connections to MST. The film was written by Albert Pyun who also wrote Alien from L.A., and it has a cameo by the Man With Many Names, Reb Brown.

Oh, and the hero wields what is perhaps the most ridiculous fantasy weapon to ever grace the silver screen; a sword that shoots swords.

I am so buying this.

Old MST3K ad from Rolling Stone
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Gavin Callaghan - about 3 hours ago

Old MST3K ad from Rolling Stone magazine. Crow on IV life support

If you got Hulu...
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Rifftrax' Ghost House. Watch it. Now.

Also, this film needs riffing immediately.

canadian bacon
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RevJoan - about 4 hours ago

"So, uh, eh then, eh?"

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Teri Gee - about 5 hours ago

So...which astronauts featured on this show were the worst at their profession? The "Sun through the rings of Saturn" guy? The "good and the beautiful" guy or his partner? What about the 12 to the moon? Or the Mars group who couldn't even get to the satellite they were aiming at and got so off course that they ended up at Mars...and then died?

I know I'm missing a few here. :)

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What are you listening to RIGHT now?


Don't call it pirating:
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Just call it "media archiving".
It's all about the framing and how you word things.
I will always keep circulating the tapes. and in lieu of that circulate circulating of the tapes. :|

Visual Sominex...
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I remember a few of us discussing this film a while back, so if you're in need of a non-narcotic sleep aid, look no further.

Extras! Extras!
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Sir Seth Unriffed - 1 day ago

I was getting my DVD/VHS/Digital movies organized, and I found I have a few repeaters in my collection. Free to a good (or not so good) home.
 photo 4packwithGeorge_zpscb550072.jpg
More details below, Private Message me if you are interested--I'll pay shipping and everything.

Left-Handed Compliment (Or a Left Cross, Perhaps)
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Robert Brown - 1 day ago

So I followed the link to the Pia Zadora story, and beneath it is a story about Amal Alamuddin, who is set to wed George Clooney.

In the story, which is attempting to establish Alamuddin as more than just the fiancee of a famous person, they mention she received a law degree from "the prestigious Oxford University."

I think just plain Oxford University covers it. If you don;t know what Oxford University, you aren't going to be impressed by the modifier "presitgious." So fail, basically, your desperate need to make a plea for the woman makes her seem less impressive. And is also an insult to Oxford University. "Prestigious" indeed: try premier educational institution in the world, and among the oldest.

I yield the floor to the Cambridge alum. I have my safety goggles firmly affixed.

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James GreyWolf - 1 day ago

Oh, if only he coulda held on a few more days. Happy 75rh birthday, Richard Kiel.

The Twilight Zone
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Robert Williams - 1 day ago

My kids have just discovered the old series of the Twilight Zone , they have just twigged as to why it seems so cliche 'd '
Cos Twilight Zone owns ALL the TV cliches ,many movie ones too .After all if your the first its not a cliche' now is it ?

Pia Zadora (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians) injured
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Tom Nathe - 2 days ago

Coincidence? I think not
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I'm watching World War Z and Brad Pitt's character has gone to a W.H.O. researcher center. I found myself wondering "Will he find a good doctor?" Who's the first person he sees? WHO?

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Theiguanaman2 - 2 days ago

There's this ridiculously easy "name 15 movies" test. I surpassed it. I named 50. I raised the bar for that challenge

Music From Some Folks In Space
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Aileen Smithee - 2 days ago

Grand Tourism's Les Courants d'Air. With some help from the late, great Terry Callier (1945-2012). Damn, but I wish he was still around.

Andy Bey (b. 1939) : Celestial Blues.

Add your own Space Music, if you wanna'. (Even if it's *ulp!* Emerson, Lake & Palmer.) Have a great weekend! :)

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Jonathan Peden - 3 days ago

Heard the sad news today that Richard Kiel, one of our very favorite actors, passed away. Truly, nobody did it better...

Sorta OT-personal rant
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I said below I'd vent my sh*t separately from YNHSWM, so here goes *gulp*:

Getting ready to go into rehab (for EtOH) eventually, hopefully before I have a final meeting with my huge supervisor.

I put out a tweet about being happy about meeting Trace, and within 30 min Frank Conniff had favorited it (he was the first one, too, no mention of alcohol).

Since then, 9 people have favorited it, including Trace, who also retweeted it. As if meeting and hugging and getting a photo signed by him were not enough... ♥

I'm not religious (I know many people say that) but I'm white-knuckling right now. I wouldn't wish depression/anxiety/alcoholism on my worst enemy. I sincerely hope you're all doing better than I am. ♥

The many faces of Cambot:
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Exactly how many evolutions does Cambot go through for the duration of the series' run?
Let's see, there's the KTMA one that looks like Gypsy with two eyes, there's the red videocamera one late season 0 through 2, there's the floating gray one...
It kind of reminds me of how I replace the case and chassis to my laptop while retaining the original harddrive for most of the serious "upgrades".
So that would mean at least four that I can count. Any others I may have missed?

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Theiguanaman2 - 4 days ago

I love playing guess the musical, so I'm gonna play it again with you guys.
1.I put a monkey on a Pedistool, and tried to make that monkey stay......
2. they both reached for the gun!
3. Hello. My name is Elder White. And I'd like to introduce to you the most amazing book!
4. Look down. Look Down........
5. It is the morning report, it is the long and the short.
6. why are you telling me: my new philosophy. My teacher gave a D on last week's homework.
7.Everytime we dine, all the angels sing........
8. Magic foot, take me to the final round, magic foot, barely lift it off the ground.
9. Things are looking up here, in duloc (Just take a look) Things are cooking up here in Duloc (He likes to cook)
10.One last kiss, forgive me if I'd miss, just give me one last kiss.....

RIP Richard Kiel
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EAG46 - 4 days ago For a 7 foot tall man he lived a long time...but eventually even the mighty must fall. Condolences to his family.

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Richard Kiel died...

sick day marathon
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Sam Fleischmann - 4 days ago

So I stayed home sick from work and decided to have an all day mst3k marathon just having problems deciding what to watch. What do you think sirs?

Still here.
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I'm here guys. Thank you all for caring. I'm just exhausted and sort-of sleeping a lot, but I feel like I need it. Plans are in motion. Opportunities are presenting themselves. I'm hurting still - a lot. The pain is mostly physical now . It's almost comical how many muscles you can pull when sobbing for hours... But I'm gonna make it.

To those who offered to chat, I appreciate it more than you know.

You guys are awesome. The empathy is palpable. This show and the people who love it have been a saving grace.

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It's my birthday, ya know. Yup. I fixed your chair so it doesn't squeak anymore and I liberated France while you were away.

I also...won the...essay...contest...

Can I have my hamburger now?

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Jessica Benjamin - 4 days ago

So the Hubby and I are trying to have another baby, with my first i guess i was spoiled cuz it took like 2 months to conceive, this time not so much its been almost 2 years! It depressing a hell I literally feel like ive tried everything, we were both checked out by the doc and everything is good short of standing on my head I'm at a loss. I mean my baby is already 6 years old to me it seems like a huge age gap and my fear is that they wont be close or even get along, I was an only child and i wanted different for my kids. It just so frustrating I cant figure out why nothing we try is working and the time just keeps ticking away. I'm trying to relax about the whole thing but sometimes its hard when every month I'm disappointed.

And we all laughed at Fred Burroughs
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David - 5 days ago

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Robert Williams - 5 days ago

The reason I allways have my comfort shows like the MST3K flics and Star Trek on my computer playing while I sleep is , I suffer from sleep paralysis .Doesnt sound much but imagine waking and only being able to move your eyes , and you see a nightmarish shadow rising from the floor and slithering across you to squat upon your chest .You can actualy feel her weight but she remains a vague dark shape [ the Danes and Swedes call her the "hag"
Sometimes she would wake me by trying to pull my shoulders through the wall while I lay on my back .
Imagine this while your a kid and theres no internet to tell you your not alone and your not crazy or haunted or possessed even .Its an actual condition to do with REM sleep .
And I passed it on to 2 of my kids who now have the TV on while they sleep so they wake to something familiar and comforting.
And its still horrifying sometimes and you scream in your head but no one hears anything but a gasping muted choking in the night.
Thank god for old movies , Star Trek and Cosmos ....

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I'm going out to have my suit enlumpened.