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Scott Taylor...
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Paganguy1 . - 1 minute ago

Do you guys remember Scott Taylor? He was a really cool guy. Gay, and he looked just like me, if his photo was any indication. Englishman. Back when I was a lurker I used to follow his posts. But I haven't seen anything from him in... well... a very long time. I hope he is doing well...

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Paganguy1 . - about 1 hour ago

I know all the names of god and The Devil and all of the heavenly and Infernal hosts. I know the secret Word of Creation used to make the Universe! But, I can't get a decent cup of coffee! It's all too acidic... (and a sad trombone goes *wah wah*)

Mysterious Monsters
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anybody ever seen this 1975 documentary featuring peter graves trying to find bigfoot? as bigfoot/cryptozoology docs go, i quite enjoyed it. maybe that was just due to the presence of mr. graves, who seems to have an odd relationship to inordinately large animals.

What's your David Ryder name?
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Have we done this one before? I can't remember anymore.

It was posted in the Flophouse FB group today and I figured you guys should have it too!

(I'm Thick Slamchest, just for the record.)

I am Randy!
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Paganguy1 . - about 15 hours ago

(I wrote this in response to someone, but it was buried and I thought it was pretty funny and you all might have a laugh at it...)
LOL! Apparently, that's me, too. Even though I didn't choose to be. I am Randy. That's me... HA! I went to London several years ago, and I went with a group of people, (gays travel in packs), and the Bellman at the hotel was calling out our names to distribute our luggage and keys and such. He was calling out from his list, "...and who is Randy, then?" Everybody raised their hand. Funny joke!

I called out, probably too loud, "Me! I am Randy!" he said "Well, best keep that to yourself, mate..." I was like, "Oh, haha, I can't help it, it's my name, man..."

Although, I did get laid a lot that xmas. Including the Bellman...

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Paganguy1 . - about 19 hours ago

I was watching "Species" the other day, and I saw it in the theatres when it came out. Bad movie. BUT! That blonde chick, am I right? Back me up heteros! I wouldn't kick her out of my bed for eatin' crackers, know what I'm sayin'? Just gorgeous! Bad movie, though.

I mean, I'm gay, but I'm not THAT gay.... Well, yes I am but... she's really pretty... is all's that I'm sayin'

Anyways.... it would make a good Rifftrax!

112 - Spanish Help!
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SubBot - about 23 hours ago

If you know Spanish and would like to help transcribe the part at the end where Tropp and Morales are talking about the 300 farm workers, I would be grateful.

If you need the clip to transcribe, let me know.

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Paganguy1 . - 1 day ago

I was abducted by a UFO in my shower this morning. Every goddamned place you go, nowadays... these goddamned UFO's abductin' folks. I'm pretty sure I have an alien fetus all up in me now! Holy moly! I mean when is the gub'ment gonna do something about this? Anyways...

I like the MST3K! I hope my alien baby likes it, too!

Tonight's WIT: Ukrainia, my bitter homeland!
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"Is this in danger of being confiscated while we watch it?"
--Tom Servo

Looks like another personal instant fave on the WIT tonight -- another one of the Greatest Ed Wood Movies That Wasn't Actually Made By Ed Wood. Cheap writing, cheap plot, cheap sets, cheap acting, women wrestling, bad splices with humorous effects -- Racket Girls has it all!

I plan on being in chat around the usual 10pm-ish Eastern. Hope to see some of you over there tonight...

I can't come back I don't know how it works!
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Well I'm going to a Wi-Fi free zone soon, but this was fun while it lasted.

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Jessica Benjamin - 1 day ago

I was watching tv when I turned into TCM. The first thing I saw was mister gay nightlife himself Winky! Aka Scott Beckett it was a movie called battle ground

Dragon Con 2015
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Hawthorne Rollings - 2 days ago

Hi! If you've ever been to Dragon Con in Atlanta you know heaven can be a place on earth, at least during the 4 day weekend of Labor Day. Invited guests so far are Trace, Bill, and TV's Frank. Whose missing an invite? Joel, Mary Jo and Kevin Murphy. Plus Mike. Even if you're not going please email or phone Dragon Con people to invite all of MST3K. Show your love for all things MSTie. I went in 2010 by myself and had one of the most fun times ever as adult. It was like being a kid again. The whole gang was there and they had meet and greets, Q and A sessions, and they showed the movie East Meets Watts to a full house of costumed partying attendees late at night, after a zombie prom. Good lord why do people even waste thier time going to Disney World? But I digress, support our peeps and go if you have a chance, won't we?

OT: Live Forever Ray Bradbury
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Not MST but since some of you may enjoy it I'm posting this. A radio dramatization of the Ray Bradbury story "Kaleidoscope" that somebody edited with old sf movie clips.

I recommend the original story which can be found in "The Illustrated Man". I think it's a beautiful story in its way and whoever made this vid did a nice job. I hope at least one person likes this as much as me.

Hulu Picks of the Moment
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If you don't have Netflix or Hulu Plus and you're looking for something good to watch right now, I've noticed that Kwaidan is available to watch for free on Hulu this evening. It expires in five hours as of this posting.

But if you're not interested in visually stunning horror based on Japanese folk tales, but would still like something Japanese and unusual, the excellent biopic of the life, works, and ritual suicide of Yukio Mishima, titled Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters will be available for the next week.

And one other pick in a completely different vein, and more relevant to the bad movies that usually populate this site: Best Worst Movie can be watched for free as well. And while there is no indication of an expiration date, I advise you to waste no time in watching it if you have any interest in understanding the background of what made Troll 2 just so bad and how it affected the further lives of those associated with it.

Best Worst Movie is actually one of my favorite documentaries, and I haven't even seen Troll 2. That's because it's not just an expose on a notoriously bad movie. It's also an examination of how people cope with investing their hopes and ambitions in something that turns to shit before their eyes. It's really a hauntingly beautiful story.

Oh woooow: Favorite dirty riff
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It's about to get "late night and randy"---
What's your favorite dirty riff? I don't remember which ep it was, but I remember the riff is "Oh, he's between a rock and a hard place!"
Second favorite is when Joel "smacks" the chick's butt in "Women of the Prehistoric Planet.
And the best thing about the dirty riffs is when Joel puts his hand on the bots' shoulder and say's "Ah--that's ok." Or when he comes out of left field with a rude riff himself.

Eloquent Bill Rebane Review!
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Blab Sulkhead - 3 days ago

OMG I'm still laughing. This is so beautiful it's beyond words. Nate reviews Bill Rebane's 1974 masterpiece "Invasion From Inner Earth" AKA "They." He also references Giant Spider Invasion and shows a clip. He met Rebane in person. Wow. Just... WOW.

MST3K Geography Lesson #1 - Pet a Llama
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Both Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders and Quest of the Delta Knights were filmed in Petaluma, California. I don't know if I like that - I mean, it's only a few hours away from me!
Wide view:
Close view:
Also, there was in fact a llama petting zoo there 10 years ago, but it is no more :'(

It Ain't Just Paint...
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...but paint is the biz I'm in for another month. Too bad there's not a house-paint version of The Selling Wizard or Hired! That would make my day.

Anyway, I've got the weekend to myself (well, the cats are here, too). So it's time to cue up some of my favorites while I do more chores.

Now, if only I had some Schlitz™ in the house... :D

P.S.- The first person who understands the title of this post wins all the cake. (Or pie, if you'd rather have pie.)

3rd Rock
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James Laramie III - 4 days ago

I was watching 3rd Rock From The Sun on Netflix, season 2, episode 3. They were at a sci-fi convention and on one of the tables who did I see? None other than a handsome Mr. Tom Servo! Hazzah!

Just a couple of questions about last night's WIT
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I was watching Being from Another Planet last night and I have a question or two about it. Did anyone else realize that the blonde chick (his assistant) was his daughter?? Because I didn't! At timestamp 1:16:00 she finally calls him dad but in an earlier scene when they were sitting there talking. She was in a robe and he looked kinda naked, or at least in his underwear. I assumed at the time that they had just slept together. So when she called m
him "Dad"/ That just kinda blew my mind. The other thing was, is it just me or did the guy in the gray suit sound exactly like John Delancey?

I do Another Movie Review Rant: She
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Stereo Catz - 5 days ago

The 1983 swordplay film She has a very distinct and prevalent underlying theme, and that them is “What the hell is going on!?” I want you to think of the most confusing movie you’ve ever seen. Got it? Now if you aren’t thinking of She you haven’t seen She.

From the cult of chainsaw wielding lepers in Ray Bans to the post-apocalyptic tuxedo party this movie is filled to the brim with the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen. It makes Rabbits look lucid and easy to follow by comparison; but without the intentional madness of a David Lynch film. One of my favorite parts was when She (The titular character who doesn‘t introduce herself until 43 minutes in(despite having been in the whole movie)) bit the Frankenstein Monster on the neck and his head exploded. My very best entry in a “Come up with the most ludicrous thing you can think of” contest would handily lose to that particular segment. Why did his head explode? Why was he attacking her in the first place? Why was he even in this movie? Why was she in the room where goons, including the Frankenstein Monster, hang out inside wooden packing crates? None of this was explained. In fact, nothing in this movie was EVER explained.

Medieval castles, Amazon warriors, sword fights, horses, rubber ducks, boxes of Corn Flakes, one guy who I think was a werewolf in a women’s sweatband, all this and more can be found in the movie She, and none of it fits together.

I suppose that’s one way to make a movie, if you can’t come up with a plot, throw everything you can think of into the film and don’t explain anything. “Exposition? Who needs it?” I needs it, I needs it pretty badly.
2/5 Stars

Mad Max: Max Gets Madder
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Alex C. - 5 days ago

So my girlfriend gave in to peer pressure and "had" to see Mad Max: Fury Road. We'd both heard good things about it but I was skeptical. When I saw a trailer for it a while ago, it looked awful, a tan/orange explosive assault on the eyes no different than any Michael Bay movie.

We saw it last night, and well... We both thought it was okay, good even (real good in my opinion), but not worth the hype. The visuals and cinematography were excellent, but we both agreed that it suffered from a complete lack of character development (with the only exception being the War Boy, whats-his-name). Not only that, the plot was as thin as can be and there were so many times where we just looked at each other and said, "Movie magic?" because of all the insane moments the film really pushed our suspension of disbelief to its limit. All in all, I enjoyed Mad Max despite what I perceived to be major flaws. As action movies go, it was great. See it for yourself if you haven't yet.

[This is basically my response to Phil's post about a week ago praising Mad Max. This should belong in that thread, but then who'd ever read it, hmm?]

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Paganguy1 . - 6 days ago

I sure could go for a hamburger sandwich, right now...

Great seeing y'all the WIT tonight...
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...and a bang-up time was had by all.

"Tit's all over... uh, it's all over, Ator!"
--Crow T. Robot

Positive Reviews
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Crypto Dentist - 6 days ago

Oh all-knowing MST3K databank, do you know: Did any film given the treatment get contemporaneous good reviews? Somehow I doubt it, although Gamera got enough attention for a slew of sequels (seriously, who doesn't love Gamera). Marooned doesn't count, as the experiment features the heavily-cut Space Travelers. There's always the 2 star Laserblast, I suppose.

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Noel Bernard Goetowski - 6 days ago

I was bored, so I drew this. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy.

Hey, gang, getting ready to head over to chat for the WIT...
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3 replies Comment-icon anyone who's up for some Cavé Dwellers action, feel free to join me, won't you?

"Dinngggg... donnnggg...!"
--Tom Servo

I was compiling a playlist for my cat, when...
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Blab Sulkhead - 7 days ago

Whilst brain still waking up, sipping first coffee of the day.
(Have audio turned up for full effect. Do not reveal the startling specifics!)

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Hawthorne Rollings - 7 days ago

Hi, lame question about tech but I'd like to watch The Room on my iPad and listen to the comment track from rifftrax that I would download also. Can this be done or do I need a real computer? Also I'd rather just watch the rifftrax episode with The Room and pay for it streaming. Without having to join some stupid club. I'm off to work now so I'll check back later to see if anyone here can help. Thanks.