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Well into my Halloween marathon, now...
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...we've had near zero trick-or-treaters on our street, as all the action in our neighborhood (Capitol Hill) is a few blocks south of here, on East Capitol Street, which turns into a big party for the evening.

So, I've got plenty of peace and quiet and no doorbell ringing every five minutes, and can concentrate on finishing a new cartoon and grooving on my MST3K Halloween Marathon.

Started with Attack Of The Giant Leeches, continued the aquatic guy-in-a-monster-suit vibe with Blood Waters Of Dr. Z, moved on to The Brain That Wouldn't Die, and digging on some more mad science now with Bride Of The Monster: "It's Bela's best scene, and he's not even in it!"

Screaming Skull Pranks
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Showdax - about 4 hours ago

Now when we all go out and enjoy Halloween, we should remember to be careful with our pranks. They may not go the way we plan...
Happy Halloween!

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My Halloween Movies
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Captain Chubby Cheeks (Rusty) - about 5 hours ago

Started off with 'Ring of Terror', then 'Attack of the Eye Creatures' (the two peeping toms were more disgusting than the creatures), now I'm watching 'Bride of the Monster'. I plan on watching RiffTrax' 'Ghosthouse' later on, and then 'Frankenstein Island' if I have time.

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James GreyWolf - about 9 hours ago

just in case someone tries to contact me, I am gonna be MIA for a few days. Friend out of state has finally gotten ex out of house. Going to help her get things up and running.

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Bruce Box-Liker - about 16 hours ago

Go and watch the latest Homestar Runner Halloween special. Do it now. You'll know why when you see it.

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JediPeaceFrog - about 21 hours ago

Well, im back! Hello,folks.

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Theiguanaman2 - about 23 hours ago

For the most part, my time at RiffTrax tonight was hysterical. We saw them do Anaconda (the giant snake film). Thanks Michael J Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy for the good show. This was my second show I saw you guys do live, and it was great. Kudos to you.

Radio Gypsy Rose B is on the air!
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Tune in!

Let's see if we can overload the stream.

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EAG46 - about 24 hours ago

First of all: Very funny. Much easier for the guys than Godzilla was, but I think a full body wax would be easier. Freebies:

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Jessica Benjamin - 1 day ago

For anyone in the Western NY area come see my dads band! Next show tomorrow at 9pm rain tree bar in tonawanda!
For more dates check out

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I think I'll stop by the bakery before the Rifftrax event tonight. My understanding is that the Anaconda don't want none unless I've got buns.

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Lewis Nitzberg - 1 day ago

Why in the hell are teenagers in the 50's always over 30?! Was it something in the water??

OT - Ghost Stories
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I don't know if anyone here was familiar with radio personality Art Bell who hosted an overnight call in radio program in the 1990's on Coast to Coast.. The subject matter of his show was strictly paranormal in theme, anything from alien abduction to time travel to Bigfoot sightings. He had some nights only aliens could call in, and the callers really believed they were from outer space. So yeah, you can imagine it was entertaining, and then I worked nights...

Anyway every Halloween he only took calls from people with personal ghost stories to share. Some of these stories were really creepy. Especially when I was working alone in the middle of the night in a huge old warehouse. Those Halloween shows are archived if you are interested.

---Oh and you should tune in to Rose's radio show if you can, I had it on last year w/people over and every one dug it.

Finished Season One - My Rankings
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Zap R Rules - 2 days ago

I'm in the process of watching all episodes in order (excluding season 0). I finished season one, so I want to share my favorites. So here goes, from best to worst:
1- The Crawling Hand
2- Untamed Youth
3- Moon Zero Two
4- The Black Scorpion
5- The Crawling Eye
6- Robot Holocaust
7- Woman of the Prehistoric Planet
8- The Corpse Vanishes
9- Project Moonbase
10 - The Slime People
11- Robot Monster
12- The Mad Monster
13 - The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (my least favorite episode of any season)

On to season two!

This Year's Halloween Viewing
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Since Iguanaman listed his ideal Halloween viewing list, I figured I would share my Halloween Netflix queue, which I am just on the verge of successfully completing. I will accompany the ones I already viewed with my ratings out of five stars, even though some of my ratings may be embarrassingly dubious.

1. Manhunter (**)
2. Epidemic (***)
3. Black Sheep (****)
4. May (****)
5. Cemetery Man (****)
6. Zombie (****) (I suspect this was a bad movie, but the visual effects are so good and It's so much better than other non-Romero zombie movies that I was pretty generous with it)
7. Vault of Horror (****)
8. Kuroneko (*****)
9. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (***)
10. Trilogy of Terror (***)
11. Torture Garden (***)
12. Thirst (***)
13. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (***)
14. Fear(s) of the Dark (***)
15. 13 Frightened Girls & 13 Ghosts (**) (I actually like William Castle, but 13 Ghosts is horribly clunky, while 13 Frightened Girls is very entertainingly terrible)
16. The House of the Devil (****)
17. From Beyond the Grave (***)
18. The House that Dripped Blood (***)
19. Experiments in Terror (**)
20. The Birds (*****)
21. The Uninvited (****)
22. Vampyr
23. All Hallows Eve

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Chris Pucknell - 2 days ago

Hey, i'm a brit and got introduced to MST3K by an american! Just how popular is this show in the uk? Any other avid english viewers out there?

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James GreyWolf - 2 days ago

Found and posted a copy of the original, uncut The Phantom Planet.

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Jessica Benjamin - 2 days ago

I'm probably one of the last people to figure this out lol, but i was watching the 1977 movie The town that dreaded sundown and it never occurred to me until about halfway through the movie that the director and the silly cop were Charles Pierce. He looked so much younger than he did in Boggy creek 2 I almost missed him :)

(OT) Radio Halloween Super Show 2014!
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Hey guys, it's that time of year again! Tomorrow is my annual really awesome Halloween special for my show on the local community radio station. Last year you guys made it a serious night to remember. The playlist was 95% MSTie built. I'd love to do that again this year! Make requests and suggestions to make this year even better. Here is last year's playlist for reference:

I want songs that are goofy, spooky, strange and out there. The only guidelines I have from the FCC are that the songs can't contain profanity (nothing more than what you might hear on an episode of our beloved MST3k is allowed on air), no blatantly obscene material and no actual calls to violence. (Murder ballads are okay, though.)

You'll be able to listen in, if you so desire, on My show is Thursdays from 10pm-Midnight (Central Time.)

My dream monster movie marathon
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Theiguanaman2 - 3 days ago

Okay. I will never, ever, have the time to actually do the marathon to this extent, but my dream marathon for Halloween has the following films:
1. Creature From the Black Lagoon
(and possibly the riffed version of revenge of the creature)
2. Frankenstein
3. Dracula
4. Wolfman
5. Scared Shrekless (because I can)
6. Halloween III: Season of the Witch (the best Halloween film in my opinion because it tried something new and didn't rehash a stupid masked murderer0
7. Gremlins I and II
8. Nosferato
9. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
10. Little Shop of Horrors (1960 Roger Corman Film)
11. Little Shop of Horrors (1980's musical with th edirector's cut)
12. Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber on Fleet Street
11. Edward Scissorhands
12. The Nightmare Before Christmas
13: FrankenWeenie
14.Ernest: Scared Stupid
15. Trick or Treat
17. BeetleJuice
18. *I'd have an intermission with the King of the Hill Halloween Special and and MST3K episode*
19. Original Godzilla
20. Mothra
21. Mars Attacks
22. Night of the Living Dead
*I sleep for a couple hours, come back and watch more that I couldn't think of*
These films are in no particular order. They were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

6 Degrees or everyday MSTISM
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This weekend, Lady Unriffed and I were out of town for a wedding. And who should check us out when we left, the hotel manager, a Ms Allison Hayes.

She was only 5'6" or so, much to my disappointment.

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A man, a plan, a canal, ______________.
Veni, vidi, vici, ____________. ___________ , vestal virgin.

Final Sacrifice unriffed
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Hailley Petey Plane - 3 days ago

I don't remember who it was, but somebody here was saying in that they wanted to watch the unriffed version of Final Sacrifice, and I happened to stumble across it- so here you go, whoever you are!

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James GreyWolf - 3 days ago

Hey, Anthony, how did the second interview go today?

Oooh, topic...take it off...
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It's all but official: Benedict Cumberbatch will be Doctor Strange!

A lot of folks were thinking Joaquin Phoenix, but he begged off at the last second. There was quite a list of potential candidates, but for me, it was BC. Why do you ask (or care)?

Because of all of the candidates, only BC could say "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth/the Vishanti/insert quasi-deific extradimensional being" with a straight face and have the audience buy it.

Pop Quiz: Part Deux
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David - 4 days ago

Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.
What actor was cited for illegal use of a silent consonant?
What actor uses in place of a name, a bad Scrabble hand?
Who do you call when Dick absolutely, positively has to be there overnight?

How did the site know I was watching "The Dead Talk Back"?
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I jumped on here for a bit, and the first riff I see at the top of the page is "Is somebody purring...?"

Whoooaaaaa. How did this site know I was watching The Dead Talk Back right now?

Pop Quiz, Hotshot...
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Who's the composer who holds you down and pummels you with music?

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Gavin Callaghan - 4 days ago