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For general Mystery Science Theater 3000 discussion.
100 Laughs!
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Punch Rockgroin - about 1 hour ago

Congratulations 'The Crawling Eye'. You earned it, kid.

Everyday MSTism or 6 degrees of MST3K?
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Sir Seth Unriffed - about 6 hours ago

They are everywhere here in the City of Big Shoulders! Mrs Unriffed and I are taking a longer weekend in Chicago, and MST3K is all around us. At the Museum of Science and Industry (musical stairs no longer there) we went to the Disney Archives exhibit. At the end, there was a 'animation academy' where we learned to draw Dopey. Our instructor, Spiro, was wearing a Gizmonic logo pin! He made it himself with a 3-D printer.

We also went to Shedd Aquarium today, which lead to me making numerous and annoying Devil Fish and Dr. Z jokes. Despite the trainer's insistence, I'm sure one of the Dolphins was named Blowie.

Tomorrow, the MST3King continues with an IMAX about the lives and loves of Lemurs.

I'm a Cinematic Titanic virgin
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I was gonna download something off their site but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions? What's gonna knock my socks off?

(OT!) Clarification of my musical tastes for those who are interested
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I posted a thread roughly a week ago seeking suggestions for my growing rock music collection. I was intently seeking stuff by the artists I gave in the short list (BTO, Golden Earring, Joe Bonamassa, etc.) but I had a few folks say stuff like "you need some Zeppelin" or "you need some Pink Floyd" or something to that effect.

FYI for those who thought there's something missing from the list I gave, keep in mind those were mere trimmings from my collection. I'm only trying to find more good single tracks from the artists I gave in the list. I've got the full catalogues of TWENTY-ONE bands at my disposal and ready to go.
Wanna know what they are?
-AC/DC ("I'm on the hiiiiiiighway to Hell...")
-Aerosmith ("You goin' under- rats in the cellar!")
-Boston ("Smokin'! Smokin'! Cookin' tonight, just keep on tokin'!")
-Cream ("You got that rainbow feel--but the rainbow has a beard!")
-Deep Purple ("Nobody gonna take my car, gonna race it to the ground...")
-ELO (the Electric Light Orchestra; "And I caaaan't get it out of my head...")
-Eric Clapton (solo career; "Let it rain, let it rain; let your love rain down on me!")
-Fleetwood Mac ("Ooooooh, you make lovin' fun...[that's all I wanna do!]")
-Jethro Tull ("In the shuffling madness...of the Locomotive Breath...")
-Jimi Hendrix ("Purple haze, all in my brain...")
-Journey ("I'm forever yours......Faithfully!")
-Led Zeppelin ("It's been a long time since I rock'n'roll'd....")
-Pink Floyd ("Shiiiiiiine on, you craaaaaaazy diamond....")
-Queen ("Mama.....just killed a man....")
-Rainbow ("Drinkin' with the devil....gonna raise some Hell...")
-the Beatles ("You say you want a revolution, well....")
-the Doors ("But can you still recall, the time we cried 'BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE!'....")
-the Eagles ("Hoooooo-ooh, witchy woman/ See how high she fliiiies..."
-the Who ("People try to put us...d-down..[talkin' 'bout my generation...]"
-ZZ Top ("I said, 'Lord, take me downtown-- I'm just lookin' for some tush!"

Plus, there are songs by at the very least forty other artists in my "Everybody Else" section. For the sake of brevity, I won't list them here but rest assured it covers quite a wide range.

Question for anyone who is a collector of the DVD Box Sets
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Steve Miller - 1 day ago

I saw a copy of Volume 5 DVD set at a store today for $40. Is this a good price? This one's out of print and the lowest priced one on amazon is $63. I was wondering if it was known as being a rare one, or hard to find. It has "Touch of Satan" (which I love), "Merlin's Shop of Wonders" (which is pretty good), and "Time Chasers" and "Boggy Creek II" (I'm not a huge fan of these ones. Should I buy it?

509, everybody
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Sir Seth Unriffed - 1 day ago

Room 509 at least. I don't see Ace or No Face though.

Gonna go out on a limb, here...
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I am sooooo high right now, and just cued up The Human Duplicators. I couldn't stop laughing my ass of at the William Conrad Fridge Alarm, I mean, like convulsive, debilatating laughter. I've just now gotten my shit together to write this.

So, what the hell, I'm going to go out on a limb, here, and say yes, Trace is blazed while trying to perform the William Conrad Fridge Alert sketch. Frank is cracking up heavily, too, but he seems a little more in control; Trace's eyes and body language and stuff like that really look like he's high -- not so wrecked that he can't function, but sort of lightly, pleasantly buzzed, where you're in that space where the conversation's flowing and absurdly silly ideas like a fridge alarm that only works on William Conrad push the Extended Convulsive Debilatating Laughing Fit button.

I should know; I'm there now, thanks to the William Conrad Fridge Alert bit.

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Theiguanaman2 - 1 day ago

My favorite part of the chocolate bunny is the ears

Name that Episode?
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Name that episode 1: One of the host segments with the mads, the one where they're dressed as construction workers?
Name that episode 2: The one where the bots turn on the com link to see what the mads are doing and they're like wearing robes, eating ice cream and watching Suddenly Susan or something like that.
^^I can't remember where to find those and it's driving me crazy

Thoughts on Jim Mallon
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Ginger Fitts - 1 day ago

Jim Mallon reminds me so much of Don Kirshner back when he was running the Monkees music...he cranked out the hits, but when the boys asked for some artistic freedom, he shut them down resulting in his firing from the show....reminds me of Jim and Joel, except it was dear Joel who left, but some good did come out of it, we got a whole new take on the show thanks to Mike. I know some fans still hate Mallon to this day, but much like the Monkees/Kirshner battle, things smoothed over eventually. Just my take on it.

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8 replies Comment-icon - 2 days ago

I was pleasantly surprised today to realize I'd somehow overlooked Attack of the Eye Creatures. I was also flabbergasted to find that, just like in Lost Continent, a man with the stripes of Senior Airman was called sergeant.

Am I the only one calling shenanigans here?
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So. That Wired article from earlier about a possible re-boot. Now that I'm done incoherently cussing my brains out over I the only one who finds the whole thing just incredibly disappointing because of the "fresh new host" deal? Hints of an MST revival have been getting dropped all over the place for months, including Joel repeatedly appearing in costume and\or with bots. In other words, it was pointing to a revival of not only the show, but of the Joel Robinson character specifically...and now the whole thing just feels like a really jerky bait-and-switch dirty deal. Everyone on Twitter and FB is all just like "OMG YAY REVIVAL" and I'm just like...did y'all not read the same article I did? If you bring in some random-ass person to host, how is it any different from the tons of fan-made riff projects out there? Some of them are quite good from a comedic standpoint, but if it's not the MST characters or BBI peeps, then what's the point of even calling it MST? Giving some "fresh new host" the official MST name or logo won't make it MST any more than giving a dweeby kid a cardboard Posture Pal crown will make him actual royalty. I knooooow on a logical level this shouldn't be getting to me like this, but the fact remains, I'm feeling these extremely annoying things that I believe you earth people call emotions, and I find them to be most unpleasant! I've spent the past five months crossing my fingers and hoping I was reading the signs right and that MST might live again in the style of the Gila Monster reunion sketch that kicked so much ass, but now all I want is for someone to come out and say that article was a really late April Fools gag. *sigh* Anyone else? Or do I get to stay after class for detention writing "repeat to yourself it's just a show" on the blackboard 100 times?

everyday MSTisms?
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Watching Dr. Strangelove right now - the scene where the guys on the B-52 are tracking the missile heading at them - and all of a sudden "Radar knows what you want to order!" pops into my head, and my friend had no clue why I started giggling...

Happy Earth Day, 6 degrees of MST
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Happy Earth Day, loves!!! If u know me truly, u know Earth Day is every day 4 me. So if u haven't hugged a tree, I know u, like me ("Do what *I* do"), at least recycle in that u watch & rewatch, rinse & repeat all of our beloved episodes.

Right now I'm watching the Starfighters and Servo's quite beautiful song melange (correct word escapes me at the moment) but boy his "choirs'" bodies r really creepy! Skinny Servos... LOL!!!

So, yes, HAPPY EARTHDAY. EARTH DAY = EVERY DAY. Those of u (Mike) who do... smoke a tree if u're not hugging one today. (Sorry just read Mike's related post LOL on how he celebrated 4/20)!

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Theiguanaman2 - 2 days ago

In my Easter basket, I got......THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY BOX SET OF MST3K!!!!

The horror that is Arch Hall Jr.'s face
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I just watched EEGAH! last night and....dear friggin' GOD, I can see why nearly everybody is horrified of that guy's mug. Poor guy can sing but he looks like a shar pei dog....

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Did you ever drink the waters of forgetfulness?

MST3K Reboot?
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Jake Westbrook - 3 days ago

(From the previously mentioned article on Wired) ...But this year Mystery Science Theater may finally get a long-­rumored, heavily anticipated reboot. This spring Hodgson is hoping to start a new online incarnation of the show, one that will feature a fresh (and as-yet-unannounced) host and cameos from many MST3K alumni.

Wired Article
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Alex Colson - 3 days ago

There is an article on Wired about MST3k for their 25th Anniversary: Happy Reading!

Watery Fowls
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Aileen Smithee - 3 days ago

Inspired by the "Ees Deeficult!" riff from Hercules Unchained (Episode 408, at about 29:50), and Gregg Hammerquist asking me about it: Let's shrug off those Waters of Forgetfulness, Folks! I want to hear all references to the greatness that was/is Fawlty Towers that you can remember. GO!

What is a Torrent?
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Sir Seth Unriffed - 3 days ago

Old man question coming up: so I went to the Digital Archive Project and started downloading the MST3K episodes there. What is a Torrent? Is it (kinda) like a Zip file-meaning do I need a program to "unpack" it to use it? (And if this is crossing the 'circulate the tapes' line--let me know. It seems the DAP eps are not available for purchase, if I read the site philosophy correctly)

What was "your joke"?
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Hailley Peterson - 3 days ago

In an interview, Trace was asked "How quickly does a fan become a fan [when watching the show for the first time]?" and he answered "It's different for everybody. until you hear your joke, and your joke is in there somewhere." So what were your guys' jokes? Which riff made you a fan, if you can remember?

For me, I don't even think it was a riff. I think it was during the theme song -I think my first episode was Horrors of Spider Island, so it was the Season 10 theme song- when Pearl and the others all lean in to "lalala" along with the song. I think that was when I knew I was gonna like this show.

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Theiguanaman2 - 3 days ago

guess the musical with the three hints: 1. Everyone's a little bit racist, admitting it is not an easy thing to do. 2. If you were gay, I'd shout hooray! day after day, I won't get in your way. 3. If I would go back to college, think what a loser I'd be, I'd stand in the hall and think, "Oh my god!" these kids are so much younger than me!

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Teri Gee - 4 days ago

This is the first chance I've had to watch the Total Riff Off. I won't be able to watch all of them tonight, but I'm watching the Shrimp and Friends. I've been crying I'm laughing so hard. I hope I'll be able to watch the next couple this week as well.

Quasi-OT: Anybody going to Dragon Con?
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I'm going for the first time this year, and I'm super psyched about it because 1) OMG D*CON and 2) Joel is scheduled to be one of the celeb guests and do Riffing Myself. Anybody else from the Club gonna be there? Anybody who's been there in the past have any tips for a first-timer? I've been wanting to go for years but kept hemming and hawing - this year, though, a combination of online friends (peer pressure for the win!) and seeing Joel on the presenter list yanked me firmly off the fence.

apsect ratio
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Steve Hayes - 5 days ago

Am I the only one who finds most of the episodes on Youtube unwatchable because the aspect ratios are so messed up? Do the uploaders do that on purpose because of some copyright thing? Or because they can't handle the original aspect ratio and need to stretch them out? Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but, when looking at that mouth makes my eyes hurt, it's time to get another horse.

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I'm gonna' watch Human Duplicators in honor of well you know ;) William Conrad Fridge Alert here i come!

so aggravating
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Sam Fleischmann - 5 days ago

So yesterday I was listening to the radio and a song came on the radio and the lyric was tonight's the night, gonna be alright, which I remember is a riff in one of the episodes but for the life on me I could not remember which episode 4 hours later it hit me that it was from werewolf. Does this happen to anyone else.