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I was just watching some of the old Simpsons episodes on the FXX marathon. I'd forgotten that that show used to be funny. "I won't need this High-School diploma anymore."

Things To Do In Philly When You're Drunk...
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Buff Drinklots floats down here... - about 16 hours ago

Watched Lynch's Dune... then hit the innerwebz.

 photo imagejpg5_zpsecd4429f.jpg
 photo imagejpg6_zps4c4b3dda.jpg

 photo imagejpg7_zpse4162c3f.jpg

Lame-ass looping in "Red Zone Cuba"
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Y'know that scene in RZC at the junkyard, where Coleman is demanding that Cardoza give him his ring? It's obvious that the dialogue is "looped", but... jeezus, check out that weird echo -- where in the hell did they do it? Did they set the looping stage up in Tony Cardoza's bathroom, or what?

Dr. Forrester's clearly defined area
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Anyone else not know where to look during the Deep 13 segments in Red Zone Cuba? I'm sure Trace is wearing a cup or something to keep the bandages from irritating or itching, but, still... that's one clearly defined area, there.

8/22 Arrivals
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Sir Seth Unriffed - 1 day ago

 photo 822arrivals_zps49723fd9.jpg

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Haven't had the chance to hobnob with you guys much lately :( How's things at the Club been going?

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Theiguanaman2 - 1 day ago

And I think both the left and the right should celebrate people who have different opinions, and disagree with them, and argue with them, and differ with them, but don't just try to shut them up.
-Roger Ebert

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Does anyone else think it would be funny to see Torgo trying to have a conversation with a Dalek?

Well, I'll be damned. Just found out Johnny Winter died...
2 laughs, a little over a month ago. Why didn't we hear about this?

Thanks for all that pure raw Texas blues, man.

Top 3
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Jessica Benjamin - 2 days ago

Sorry if someone has already done this but according to us MSTies based on the number of laughs the top 3 episodes are
1. Space mutiny (514)
2. Final sacrifice (416)
3. Manos (384)

8/21 Arrivals
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Sir Seth Unriffed - 2 days ago

 photo 821arrivals_zps107765a9.jpg
Thankfully, I can attach this better than a URL. I'm V V Excited Last of the Wild Horses is the Sepiatone version.

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Matt Towler - 2 days ago

A newly-unearthed, complete version of the Manos end credits song... with a saxophone solo.

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sarzaprincesswarrior - 3 days ago

:0 I just discovered this site. My life is now complete. Thanks.

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Theiguanaman2 - 3 days ago

Let me tell ya, i definitely know that I'm gonna be a film critic as an adult. Why? Because i love film more than anybody (almost). I love the smell and feel of the movie theatre. Film is a glorious thing. Even bad films.

I 'effing missed you guys!
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So, I just got back from a 4 day camping trip in eastern Arizona (Luna Lake outside of Alpine. The devil's in the details, right?) - literally a stone's throw from New Mexico - no, really, you could walk up the hill and throw a rock into New Mexico... if you like that sorta thing... Anyway, apart from the 28 mosquito bites and the last minute ralphing session (btw: weed+whiskey+vodka+beer/4 hours*high altitude+too much sun = SICK - just sayin') the trip was awesome! Rained a bit on the last day too - no complaining. The fields near the lake were LADEN with wildflowers. The weather was perfect. The dogs loved to explore the woods and chase squirrels... Felt really great to unplug. No internet. No cell phone. No computer. No television... but, that also meant no MST3K. So, basically, what I'm trying to say, in a round about way, (getting to it sometime today), is that I really missed you guys! And I'm jonesing for my fix!

I think Legend of Boggy Creek II should do the trick.

ADDENDUM: Unfortunately, no - we didn't see any Bigfoot. Though we did hear an animal get ripped to shreds a few dozen yards from our tent... so, that's always fun!

Who Would be the Worst Superhero for a Movie
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And before anyone suggests it they're already planning on doing an Aquaman film.

I'm gonna say CAPTAIN PLANET!

Retail Therapy, part 1
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Sir Seth Unriffed - 3 days ago

It isn’t my usual thing. But this isn’t a usual down for me either. Anticipating this, Lady Unriffed and I set aside a bit for me to go somewhat movie mad. How movie mad? Well, I think I will have nearly as complete an unriffed MST3K collection as possible. If I wasn’t before, I am definitely committed to seeing this project through to the very end!

The “Missing” List remains unchanged.

621Short: MONEY TALKS!
1009- HAMLET

I have found evidence Mighty Jack being released on VHS in 1986. There are some Japanese language DVD sets, but I’d have to invest in Rosetta Stone to try and make sense of it.

I have found a CD recording (in German!) of Hamlet, but that does me no good. Barely passing High School German doesn’t prepare one for Shakespeare!

As always tips/websites/etc are appreciated for any of these missing experiments!

A question for the MSTie hivemind...
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Hailley Petey-Plane - 3 days ago

Does anyone know who wrote "When Loving Lovers Love" from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank? It doesn't say in the credits and I can't find the information anywhere. I assume it was some combination of Mike, Kevin, and/or Bill. It's not really important, but I want an answer! *slaps fruit away*

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Crypto Dentist - 3 days ago

Hey. So like a lot of other people here I'm sure, I deal with insomnia, and melatonin isn't knocking me out tonight. It's 3:20 (nowhere to be tomorrow thank goodness), just brewed me some tea and I need a good ep to fall asleep to. I know this thread has probably been done before but... What episode makes you SLEEEEEP? Other than Space Travelers because dear God the horror. Might have to rev it up anyways.

Cripes, I could've done that better...!
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How many times have you watched a movie on MST3K and thought, of some aspect of the movie, "Cripes, I could've done that better, and I didn't even go to film school!"

Being a visual arts guy, for me, it's cinematography and camera work. I've lost track of how many times I've watched a scene in a movie and thought jeezus, I could've done that shot better with my $125 Sanyo flip-cam and that tripod I bought at Ritz Camera!

For instance, Monster A Go-Go is full of those moments. I honestly believe that I -- and my grand total of one (1) semester of film study in high school -- could've composed, lit and shot every scene in that dungheap ten times better than the supposedly "professional" cinematographers working with Bill Rebane. Granted, that's not saying much -- seeing as it's a Bill Rebane picture -- but, still...

The Sinister Urge has a bunch of shots like that, too -- like that police station cutaway shot, an agonizing twenty-second static long shot of police cruisers rolling leisurely in and out of the station parking lot ("This is why Ed Wood gets 'final cut'!") and another agonizing twenty-second shot of the tall, dumb wannabe actress chick carrying her suitcase across a parking lot and putting it into her car ("Film it all, Ed!").

What finally motivated me to buy RiffTrax "Plan 9" VOD
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It wasn't just because it was painfully hilarious.
It wasn't just because it wasn't the colorized version.
It was...

Awesomeness Update
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Auto K - 4 days ago

For anyone who hasn't heard, the Rifftrax crew is re-broadcasting the riffing of Godzilla tonight! It won't be on VOD so this is the last chance to see the event. I missed it last week so I'm super stoked about going to see it tonight.

Also, the Help Leslie, Won't You? campaign is still going strong! If you've donated already, thanks so much because you're awesome and amazing and generally swell! If you haven't donated, we could sure use your help! Here's the link, compadres:

The Amazing Rando from MST3K: The Movie Is Directing a Puppet Game!
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Russ Francis - 4 days ago

The Amazing Rando is going to be directing a new side scrolling puppet based video game with Track 36 Studios and Broadview Entertainment Arts University. You can find more information about it on the Kickstarter page here!

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Is one a hater if they hate haters? Or does it cancel out like when people who are intolerant of intolerance shouldn't be considered intolerant this elves? I'm leaving it as this elves, autocorrect.

MST Challenge
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Name the movie(Not an MST3K episode) Roger Corman descried as "A combination of Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney."

The Mistie Blues
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I got the poor ol’ Mistie blues,
Cause don’t nobody understand.
I got the poor ol’ Mistie blues,
Cause don’t nobody understand.
They watchin’ “Housewives of Some Damn Place,”
Leaving me a lonely man.

Well now if you have to ask,
It’s MST3K blues.
Said if you gotta ask.
Got me MST3K blues.
From top of my lacrosse mask,
To the bottom my Underoos.

I laugh when I see forklifts,
And rock-climbin’ folks
But people give me odd looks,
It’s only me who gets the jokes.

When I say “time for go to bed,”
My baby says “go and watch your show.”
I say “time for go to bed,”
She says “Go to bed with Ted Servo.
You got some Mistie-understandin’
‘Cause your key don’t fit my do’.
… No, not no mo’.”

We have had too many tiffs
Because I’m always making riffs.
When she puts “Titanic” on again.
It’s riff or jump right off a cliff, I tell ya.

Some day I’m gonna hop a train
Just like Big Stupid and his pal.
In the not too distant future
Just like Big Stupid and his pal.
To the happy Mistie paradise
And get myself a Mistie gal.

We Lost Another One
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Phil Carstens - 5 days ago

Don Pardo passed away tonight at the age of 96. He was the voice of Saturday Night Live for all but one of its seasons, and he was damn good at it. Here he is working his magic during a performance of Frank Zappa's "I'm the Slime":

Terror From The Deep!
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So, a week or two ago, I was watching Blood Waters Of Dr. Z "for the first time again", and noticing that the slouching failure of a monster in that flick made the famous Gill Man's attempts at revenge in Revenge Of The Creature look like a Jules Verne story.

I also realized that there were quite a few movies on MST3K which starred large, horrifying mutated aquatic creatures, so I have to ask: What's your favorite MSTied movie starring a large, horrifying mutated aquatic creature?

Mine has to be the legendary Gill Man from Revenge Of The Creature (and the original Creature From The Black Lagoon). He's mean-looking, vicious, takes no shit, is the coolest-looking, and he has his own music, f'cripesake... dah dah daaaaaahhhhh... dah dah daaaaaahhhhh... DAH DAH DAAAAAHHHHHHHH!