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Teri Gee
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So Long & Thanks From Aileen Smithee
Vanity, OR
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🌊 ©CeaCea KNOWS y Johnny doesn't Care...🌊 ©
"Hiking her pants up!" in Delaware & Maryland
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North FL
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Phantom Chicken of Crank Whore
Beaver Falls
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Mike Flugennock, who would like to elaborate on his previous statement regarding the fact that YOUR WEAPONS ARE USELESS AGAINST ME!
Washington DC
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Leslie Doesn't Get You
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Dr. Despicable
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Steve-Headed Pig-Benton
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...speaking of urging people to ACCEPT things.... (DSTMO)
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Donald Petkus
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Stereo Catz
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Gypsy Rose B thinks everything is a strapless evening gown.
Middle O' Nowhere, IL, USA
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Mike Flugennock, putting the "oomph" in "Omphale"
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Russ "Screw You, Greenland" Fry
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Xterra's stone cold sober with stone cold sweat / Runnin' down the back of his neck...
If I had a location, I'd be glad to get back to it...
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James GreyWolf
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Sir Seth Unriffed: Eddie's gone ladder crazy
Round on the ends and in the middle
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Rocket J. Forklift (Paul-Gabriel Wiener)
Third star to the left, and straight on 'til midafternoon
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Northern California
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Gal Dagon
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Pika the Marauding Missingno - so far she's beat the stuffing out of three trainers and crashed your hall of fame. Before the day is through, she'll duplicate enough Rare Candies to kill a Rapidash. Now, it's Mudkip time.
Houston, TX
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Where ever His love takes me!
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Patrick (Brain from Planet Arouse). We're gonna need a bigger name.
Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum
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Alex C. remembers when having ridiculously long names was the thing the cool kids were into on this forum, now an a-hole jerk living in exile in a dank cave where his acerbic sense of humor and passive-aggressive apologies can't hurt anyone anymore
a location beyond time and time
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Elisa Farrington
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Bruce Box-Liker
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Ray Garraty
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Kimono Dragon
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Sabrina Domingues
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The Incredible Mister Rik Kevlar, The Straw Vulcan
The Twilight Zone
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Big McLargehuge
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Sean Barry
West-central coastal area of the northwestern continent of Earth, third planet of the Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Known Universe
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Jane Sproul
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Michael S
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The Incredibly Strange Creature Who Stopped Living and Became Edward Carney
Buffalo, NY
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Budapest, Hungary
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Matt Towler
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hippiekarl7, The Inventor of Lightning
Area 51a
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Great Scott
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Hawthorne Rollings
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Warm Tumbler of Jagermeister
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Ray B
Winneconne/Muskego, WI
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Linnaeis is surrounded by idiots of her own design, and even more that aren't of her own design, but with whom she continues to associate anyway. (I'm watching you UncleDes.)
halfway down the east coast
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Phil Carstens
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My Plastic Hair is Furious
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Rachel Adams
Huntington Beach, CA
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Austin, TX
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Luke - "I am the atomic powered robot. Please give my best wishes to everybody!"
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Andy Shaggy Dennis
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Kiri T. Unicorn
Lebanon, OR
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Last of the Wild Ponies
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe, Existence, Ralph Wiggum's Navel
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Lewis Nitzberg STINKS!
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Iguana Phillip Sousa
A Place
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Robert Brown