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about 15 min in... Cutest, friendliest scary guard dog ever!
Happy holidays.

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Santa wandering in a broad-brimmed fedora makes me think "Odin."

Only weal and woe
806 - The Undead - over 1 year ago
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Did anyone else catch Digger Smolken complaining that the Middle Ages "bring only weal and woe", i.e. only GOOD and BAD? There's no pleasing this guy, is there?

Forum - over 1 year ago
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Which episodes do you think kids would like the best, especially 5-8 yr-olds?
Surely some of you know from experience!

908 - The Touch of Satan - almost 2 years ago
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So it's 1971 and, on a road trip from Austin to San Francisco, Jody stops in a small town where people burned witches in the 1870s? How does that work? Did these yokels learn about witch burning in Europe CENTURIES ago in their little red schoolhouse and decide "That's a darn good idea"?

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