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201 - Rocketship X-M - almost 7 years ago
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yep, Josh Weinstein wasnt doing Servo anymore....hated it at first, grew on me.

Forum - almost 7 years ago
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I know most of us here aren't real nuts about it, but I've found myself dipping back into Season 1 lately -- specifically The Slime People, Project Moonbase, Women Of The Prehistoric Planet, and the Commando Cody shorts. I'll be giving Robot Holocaust another shot if I can make some extra room on the hard drive where I keep my movies and music. Not only does Weinstein actually turn in a halfway-decent performance as Servo in those episodes, but the movies are definitely in the category of So Bad They're Awesome. So, while I'd normally pass over Season 1 if introducing a newbie, I'd still give these experiments a chance once I know that my hypothetical newbie is really digging it:

The Slime People: it's just bad. Really, really bad. I can't point to one specific scene or character, it's just... bad -- and that's why I love it. A bunch of subterranean monsters with serious acne issues who have technology advanced enough to create an artificial environment with a force field but who still use big spears to kill their victims -- how awesome is that?

Project Moonbase: I still can't believe this was adapted from a Heinlein story. It's full of inaccuracies about spaceflight (I can give it a break, considering when it was made), The plot slogs along like a sloth on Thorazine, full of that inimitable Lippert Magic. Hayden Rourke at his Dr. Bellowsesque best, that high-g fight aboard a ship to the Moon -- and those neckties! it just doesn't get any better.

Women Of The Prehistoric Planet: The wooden John Agar, and the slurring Wendell Corey -- a cinematic one-two punch. I've seen a fistful of movies with Wendell Corey, and there isn't a single one of them where he doesn't act as if he came straight to the set from a three-martini lunch. John Agar makes Nicolas Cage seem to crackle with excitement by comparison. The Isaac Asimov Doomsday Machine host segments are the cherry on the sundae.

Commando Cody And The Radar Men From The Moon. Everything stupid about '50s pulp sci-fi all wrapped up in one serial. Four hours to the moon in a chemical rocket-driven spacecraft? Sure, no problem. Atom bombs the size of pineapples dropped by hand from a Piper Cub? Hey, why the hell not? Not to mention one of the best Servo riffs ever: "A guy in a leather jacket with his butt on fire -- they'll never notice that!"

Robot Holocaust: Lisping supermodel Mistwess Of The Dahk Wan. A guy turned into a giant avocado. Enough said.

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