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1101 - Reptilicus - about 1 year ago
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Gotta admit have 2 complaints about The Return:
1. Really miss the brilliance of Kevin Murphy as Servo
2. Wish Gypsy would stay out of the theater with her little one-liners. Very distracting.

Overall, I really like it. It's their 1st season, so definitely giving it a chance. Anything that brings back MST3K can't be ALL bad.

I ❤️ Tom Servo
407 - The Killer Shrews - over 1 year ago
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Tom Servo saying "Bristle, bristle" is hysterical. He's awesome....GO TEAM SERVO.
Btw, I am so happy I found this site & thanks for all who added the videos.

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411 - The Magic Sword - over 1 year ago
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Teddy Ruxpin, no!!