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Dialogue from MSTied Movies.
Forum - 6 days ago
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"The stench of your foul breath is more than my stomach can stand,"
----Prince of Space

This afternoon I had this ep. playing in the background, and even though I've heard it plenty of times before, this time, I lost it. Dropped dead.
It just sort of seems to come out of nowhere. Mike's reaction is perfect.

Any dialogue from the movies themselves crack you up? Or are just ridiculous?
The dumber the better. Rifftrax and CT included. I want to know if I'm overlooking some more of these jewels.

206 - Ring of Terror - 5 months ago
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Fatties are mocked and a very old medical student has a heart attack.

Does that about cover it?

Riffs as Watercooler (WaterKool-Aid?) News of the Day
Forum - 16 days ago
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The newspapers often talk about Mighty Jack but nobody does anything about it! [314]

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Season 8-10 Host Segments
Forum - 15 days ago
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I know it's popular to poop all over seasons 8-10, but what are some of your actual favorite sketches from that era?
I love Crow's short on women from Hobgoblins, personally.

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706 - Laserblast - 3 months ago
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"Chuck's Carbon Donuts?"

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"I see a disgusting worm on you!"