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  1. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  2. Master Ninja II
  3. Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell
  4. Teenage Strangler
  5. The Wild World of Batwoman
  6. Village of the Giants
  7. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  8. Teenage Crime Wave
  9. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  10. Prince of Space
  11. The Final Sacrifice
  12. The Slime People

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So I look those these comments and you guys really do need to just relax.
Firstly, if people dont see the comedic value both MST and the movie itself have and thus the worth of it as entertainment, you just are humorless.
Second, its just a perfect example of the whole 60's vibe in whole and the way they just blasted movies out back then, and think everybody there thought they were making a masterpiece.
And lastly, for being as campy and crazy and outthere it was the acting was decent and fun. Nobody took themselves seriously except for the chicks, the other characters truly had life. Which is the only reason we CAN hate the movie as whole. Because youre that wrapped up in it...
Or maybe I should just relax.. Two thumbs up

201 - Rocketship X-M - about 2 years ago
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The target audience for this movie is sexist, scientifically illiterate, believes the government should be able to troll the press and tell them what to write regardless of what they see, and yet desperately needs to have it explained that starting a nuclear war is a bad thing. On reflection, this movie was way ahead of its time.

201 - Rocketship X-M - almost 3 years ago
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Holy smokes. The misogyny in this film is at an all-time high. "Apologize for what - being momentarily a woman?" "Doctor, you're not going to let emotion into this now, are you?" Female character asks: "I suppose you think a woman should cook and clean and rear children." Male character answers: "Isn't that enough? There's such a thing as going too far in the other direction, too, you know." Granted, I'm only forty minutes in. But did they include a woman in this film just to prove that women shouldn't go to space? Sheesh.

516 - Alien from L.A. - over 5 years ago
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Ok. Atlantis went down anywhere from 9,000 to 1,600 BC. At the time, what little English that existed was a purely Germanic language. It took Roman invasion for Latin to begin to effect English and eventual invasion of France and other romance based languages to further modify the actual words used in the language for Modern English to evolve. We still used sentence structure based on the original Germanic structure of the language, but were far more influenced in terminology by the Latin based languages. And the Australian form of the language did not begin to evolve until the early 1800s. So tell me. Please. HOW THE HELL DID A SOCIETY THAT SEPARATED ITSELF FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD IN at the least 1600 BC FIRST OF ALL LEARN ENGLISH AND SECOND OF ALL SPEAK IT WITH AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT????????????????????????? (and a bad australian accent, at that) Just had to ask that question.

516 - Alien from L.A. - about 3 years ago
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Did anyone else feel like this one was a lot more misogynistic than previous movies with female leads? They weren't this bad before, even with the Wild Wild World of Batwoman.

403 - City Limits - over 2 years ago
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It was nice to hear James Earl Jones just one more time as Vader in Rogue One. This film highlights an altogether different aspect of his career...

209 - The Hellcats - almost 7 years ago
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#1. Joel tried to make this a family show. He read letters on the air from small children complete with cute drawings. Yet they show this movie, with its sexuality, drug references, and disturbing violence against women. I prefer when the guys at least react with "Hey!" when someone hurts a woman. Here, they just joked about it. And #2. Casting couldn't find any guys with actual long hair? I've never seen a biker gang with such corporate haircuts in my life. Ridiculous.

407 - The Killer Shrews - almost 6 years ago
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Aw, Crow's reaction to his present breaks my heart a little bit. He's trying so hard to be mature, for once. Also, Joel says that Crow's birthday is coming up. When is his birthday? How did Joel decide when the 'bots' birthdays are? Is it the day he made them? Did he just arbitrarily assign dates? I need to know these things! Aaaa! *deep breath* Just a show... *deep breath* Just relax... *deep breath*

701 - Night of the Blood Beast - over 3 years ago
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Crow's ethnic slur about 50.0 is rather jarring.

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514 - Teenage Strangler - over 1 year ago
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"Maybe this was the start of the counter-culture"

1005 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z - over 1 year ago
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"He now has the powerful forearms of a catfish!

521 - Santa Claus - over 1 year ago
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"The tendrils of Santa reach far, there is no eoscaping the Klāus organization"

514 - Teenage Strangler - over 1 year ago
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"Patrons must wash feet before dancing on counter."