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The Lightning Bug - over 1 year ago
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Welcome to my page, dood!

Favorite Episodes

  1. Mitchell
  2. Diabolik
  3. Agent for H.A.R.M.
  4. Hobgoblins
  5. The Black Scorpion
  6. Monster A-Go Go
  7. The Brute Man
  8. It Conquered the World
  9. The Giant Gila Monster
  10. The Indestructible Man

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Short Films
Forum - about 1 year ago
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I just recently watched Kung Fury, laughed my hinder off at it too.

Just a warning, it contains some inappropriate language and such.

have a short film you want share? Go for it!

402 - The Giant Gila Monster - over 1 year ago
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This one deserves more laughs.

WAiT #5: 'Bots, Hugs, & Rock 'n Roll
Forum - over 1 year ago
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Now you must decide! Which MST movie would make the best BAND name? (Of course, you can use characters, fav. riffs, etc. to create a musical setting to your liking as well.)
- "I Accuse My Parents" or "Danger! Death Ray" for a rock/punk band
-"The Swingin' Torgos" for an awesome ironic Torgo-theme dance hall group
-and last, I plan to become an annoying white rapper that insists on being called "Double 007". Wish me luck!

409 - The Indestructible Man - over 1 year ago
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I want to see the version of this movie where he joins the circus

Heard Kevin Murphy in a game
Forum - over 1 year ago
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He does the voice for Tex Murphy's Smart Alex in the game Tesla Effect(A Tex Murphy Adventure)! I wish the crew would do more voices for games because I think they would be great at it.

Oh hey I found this today...
Forum - over 1 year ago
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while browsing my screenshots uploaded to steam, I forgot I had tried to make Tv's Frank in APB Reloaded.

Rifftrax on Humble Bundle
Forum - over 1 year ago
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Some Rifftrax for you on Humble Bundle!

Mystery Snack-Time Theater 3000
Forum - almost 2 years ago
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Not really an MST thread but I just have to say that black-bun burger from Burger King looks really gross. Anybody seen this thing? Turns out this has been a normal menu item in Japan for a long time now and that one looks even grosser. It has black cheese on it. That's what I'm look for in my burger, food that looks like melted tar. I guess the thing I'm asking is "Why?"

*peeks in*
Forum - about 2 years ago
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Hello all! Hope everyone is doing great. I've been scarce (absent, let's face it) in the ol' social media realm over the past year, but, forever a MSTie, since getting back from DragonCon I've wanted to stop by. Got to meet Traceā™„ and Frank again, and Bill for the first time (whom I found more and more personable, funny, and awesome).

If I say nothing else about it, I will say this: I got to see Trace and Frank, and Bill, show up for surprise readings of excerpts from "Holy Grail" on stage with Terry Jones. It just hardly gets better than that, y'know?

Oh, and seeing Rowsdower cosplay wasn't bad either...

Forum - almost 3 years ago
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Since Halloween is coming I've decided to upload a creepy sound loop I made.

Music I've made
Forum - about 3 years ago
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Can't remember If I've posted this here or not, but here is some music I've made. It's mostly techno if you're into that sort of thing. (some tracks are going into a game I'm going to make)


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Crow+Tom: Yaaay!
Joel: Versus the Aztec Mummy?
Crow+Tom: Boooo!