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  1. Bride of the Monster
  2. Crash of the Moons
  3. Manhunt in Space
  4. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

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901 - The Projected Man - almost 2 years ago
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...Why is everyone named Paul in these movies?

417 - Crash of the Moons - almost 2 years ago
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at 6:50 i swear it sounds like she's crapping herself uncontrollably while she gets the phone

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Report seems as if Joel doesn't know what "abhor" means (hint: it isn't a synonym for "implore")

602 - Invasion USA - almost 2 years ago
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My favourite is how the cab driver is super chill while the family freaks out. The dad is yelling at him to go faster, like the driver wouldn't be trying to save himself lmao

901 - The Projected Man - about 6 years ago
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Wow, that had even more pointless racism than I expected.

901 - The Projected Man - over 6 years ago
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You know, even with MST3K movies, I usually try to give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes there are things that just make me exclaim, "For God's sake!" Like, for God's sake, there was a scene in this film in which the camera was pointed, in close-up, directly at the top of an actor's head.

423 - Bride of the Monster - almost 2 years ago
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"I'm a dead man..." lmao I guess Dr. Forrester liked the mad scientist,and thought he had some good ideas

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