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Best RiffTrax for Halloween?
Forum - 9 days ago
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I just watched the RT version of Night of the Living Dead. Awesome. Any other suggestions of RT episodes that could be considered solid Halloween episodes? Thank You!

Favorite Non MST3K Halloween Movies
Forum - 23 days ago
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I only watch "scary movies" in the month of October and I always finish the month with the original Evil Dead Trilogy but other favorites include:
The Exorcist
Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
The Thing (1951 & 1982)
The Fog
War of the Worlds (1953 & 2005)
The Re-Animator
Blood Sucking Freaks
When Worlds Collide
Train to Busan
The Shining
Alien & Aliens
Jeeper Creepers 2
Matango (Just for kicks)
The Mist
Forbidden Planet
Horror of Dracula
I know I'm missing a bunch, but does anyone else spend a week or a month celebrating Halloween with horror movies and if so, can you suggest any in the vein of the one's I've listed? I'm always looking to expand the viewing options.

Movie Songs - Your Picks?
Forum - 7 days ago
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We recently had a thread about songs sung by the MST cast. This one is about songs from the movies used as experiments. Many movies include songs sung by the movie's cast members (e.g.: Are You Happy In Your Work), some include a band playing a song (e.g.: California Lady), and some have songs sung during the credits (e.g.: Night Train to Mundo Fine). Songs from any of these categories are valid entries for this thread.

1. Which song do you find the most annoying?
2. Which song do you find the funniest?
3. Which song do you enjoy the most as a song?

NCNL again
Forum - 6 days ago
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No comments, no laighs, please. Spooky Halloween stuff!

Turkey Day 2020 - You vote for the Experiments!
Forum - 15 days ago
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Every day, puts up two Experiments and you can vote for which ones goes into this year's gallinaceous gallimaufry of golden greats. An MST3K Deathmatch, if you will.
Today's choice - Eegah! or Boggy Creek II.

Forum - about 1 month ago
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Just curious. How often do you folks delve into Season Zero? Often? Rarely? As often as the other seasons? I ask because I seldom go there. I've seen them all, but no more than a couple of times each as compared to the national episodes, some of which I've watched 100x (It's like visiting an old friend).

Forum - 27 days ago
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Once again, it's time to play "WHERE'S THAT FROM?"
The game is simple:
MSTie #A posts a "callback" riff; MSTie #B identifies the MST3k movie which is the source of that riff, then posts their own "callback" riff for whatever rabble may still be milling about to unravel.*

Q:"I'd really like a hamburger and some FRENCH FRIED POTATOES!"
A: Jungle Goddess.

*We're talking about MST3k experiment movie dialog that was the source for a long running riff, not a movie in which a long running riff was introduced.

Let's go...

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