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Ideas for movies.
Forum - 15 days ago
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What movies would you like to see the show tackle in a future episode?

I'd LOVE for Jonah and the bots to riff Yor, the Hunter From the Future. It has Reb Brown from Space Mutiny, that alone would make for a great episode.

Like Joel better?
Forum - 16 days ago
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Is there anyone who likes Joel better than Mike? Most people seem to prefer Mike.

When did you get into the show?
Forum - 7 days ago
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When did you first discover the show, and when were you hooked?

I discovered the show around 2006-2007, when I was in high school. Obviously, the show had long ended its run by then. One of the first episodes I saw was Prince of Space.

Better inventor, Joel or Jonah?
Forum - 9 days ago
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Jonah, like Joel before him, is a talented inventor. But who's the better inventor between them? Joel made levers that could alter reality, and created Tom, Crow, Gypsy and Cambot, who feel more like humans than robots. On the other hand, Jonah gave Tom the ability to fly (albeit only in the theater), and in the Invention Exchanges, his inventions are a little more practical than Joel's. The Swiss Army Cheese, for example, which tells you what wine goes best with the cheese you're eating, could actually be useful. Jonah also invented verbal smoke bombs, for avoiding awkward conversations. Most of Joel's inventions are either puns or gags, which makes sense, as Joel was a prop comic prior to MST3K.

Best episode of each host.
Forum - 8 days ago
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What do you consider to be the best episode from Joel, Mike and Jonah? For me it would be:

Joel: Mitchell or Eegah.

Mike: Werewolf.

Jonah: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom I.

Underrated episodes
Forum - 16 days ago
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We all know the episodes that everyone loves, like Space Mutiny and Manos, but what about the episodes that are good, but nobody talks about them? What episodes do you feel are underrated?

Your personal top 10.
Forum - 14 days ago
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This question probably gets asked a lot, but, what's your personal top 10 best MST3K episodes? I don't know if I could ever get it down to just 10, there are so many great episodes to choose from.

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