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Forum - 2 days ago
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NCNL is back: rules well known. Please simply admire this beautiful picture of a lady and her unicorn. Do not comment or laigh! IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!

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Forum - 9 days ago
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Does anyone besides me choose which episode to watch based on the weather? In the summer I’ll watch Jack Frost or The Day the Earth Froze. Since it’s going to be below zero tomorrow I’ll probably check out The Beast of Yucca Flats or Werewolf for the desert settings. Kinda weird:)

Best way to get bury scammers and trolls
Forum - 10 days ago
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Put a response to any other post below it that you didn't start

Forum - 21 days ago
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Might as well get on with it. What are your top 3 picks of Season 9?

Body Horror
Forum - 14 days ago
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I'm not squeamish in real life, but body horror stuff freaks me out for some reason. Anyone else avoid Squirm, Incredible Melting Man and Blood Waters of Dr Z simply because of that?

Forum - 7 days ago
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What is your least favorite episode of Season 1?

Special VD * Sale at RT
Forum - 8 days ago
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*No, Valentine's Day!

Info for anyone not already on their emailing list or for random site wanderers and comedy vagabonds:

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Happy VD!
*No, Valentine's Day! (We all hope!)

≠ but not on gift cards, or new home purchases, as per usual

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