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Forum - 8 days ago
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Rock Climbing is to Lost Continent as
X is to [insert movie]

Poll: Lamest Hero in a MST Experiment
Forum - about 1 month ago
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I just finished watching "Samson Vs the Vampire Women," and I gotta say, as far as heroes go, Samson is pretty lame. In all fairness, the vampires were pretty lame too, if one mere luchador can kick their asses, even when they gang up on him!

But it got me thinking, what's the lamest hero in a MST movie?

Prince of Space gets a Lame Hero Award too. I mean, yes, he has a spaceship, but no "powers," and no real weapons except that weird retractable pointer-looking thing that fires enemy laser beams back at them. (I guess they're laser beams)

Or Nick from "Time Chasers." He can fly a plane, invented the Time Transporter program, but he can't drive a car. HUH??

Worst performance EVER!
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Let's debate: What is, hands down, the worst performance in any episode of MST3K. I'm talking a fairly significant role, at least over 20 minutes of screen time. I nominate Natalie from "Werewolf" aka "Warewolf!"

Greatest Skit Ever
Forum - 2 months ago
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Ok: sometimes they have sucked, and sometimes they have been plain mental, but which skit stands out for you in the whole of MST3K / Film Crew / Cinematic Titanic? And why?

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