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Bad Dog!
907 - Hobgoblins - about 2 months ago
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10:22 - Tom, it's Cerberus, not Cerebus.

1009 - Hamlet - over 8 years ago
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Not even The Bard is safe from the rapier wit of MST3K.

So, let me get this straight...
913 - Quest of the Delta Knights - about 3 years ago
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Archemedes used science to prophecize that in 1000 years, a child prodigy would arrive, stumbling and half blind. He knew that the kid grew up in a house on a sandstone hill, and that in the English language (which did not yet exist) the word "right" would have two meanings. But he was stabbed before he could write down the part where the entire venture was pointless because the kid was going to be captured by a petty local warlord (after denying help from a princess with a small army at her command), which would convince the kid to blow it all up because the world was better off without all that dangerous science stuff.

909 - Gorgo - over 6 years ago
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Towards the end, the guy shouting "Repent!" with the It's The End sign gets knocked down and trampled, presumably to death. It's a nice little bit of poetic irony. However, his death is done in such a rush of quick, very bad edits that it really makes me wonder why Leonard Maltin liked this movie.
Mike even points this out a minute or two later: "You know, I think the editing philosophy of this movie was 'don't stay on anything too long, it doesn't look good enough.'"

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