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the home ec short - appx 16 mins into full link 1: I've watched the cheerleader portion 5 times now; it's hilarious yet also on it's own, flipping weird. cheerleading in the modest days seems smarmy

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this is a good one; I laughed so often and so hard that I annoyed each of my family members to move out of earshot! the escape in which they are leaving guys behind "where's Ken and Dan?" / That's a great question, let's talk about it ON THE WAY HOME" bit is bril!

310 - Fugitive Alien - about 6 years ago
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I just watched the mst3k version of the sequel to this, 318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II, and didn't find this first one when I searched... ah, browsing, the other search! if the gang does as great a job on this one as they did with "Star Force: Fugitive Alien II" I'm pretty sure I'll be the most annoying, loudest, frequent laughing housemate known to this area. oh well!

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as the guys return to their getaway ship they are asked "where's Ken and Dan?"
(mst3k): "That's a great question; let's talk about it on the way home!"
OMG!...I can't stop laughing over that one! :)