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  1. The Final Sacrifice
  2. Prince of Space
  3. Space Mutiny
  4. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  5. Puma Man
  6. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  7. Pod People
  8. I Accuse My Parents
  9. Riding with Death
  10. Time Chasers
  11. Invasion of the Neptune Men
  12. Fugitive Alien
  13. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  14. The Girl in Lovers Lane
  15. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  16. Time of the Apes
  17. The Day the Earth Froze
  18. Gamera vs. Guiron
  19. Jack Frost
  20. Angels' Revenge
  21. Danger! Death Ray
  22. Werewolf
  23. The Brain that Wouldn't Die
  24. San Francisco International
  25. Hobgoblins
  26. Parts: The Clonus Horror
  27. Eegah
  28. It Conquered the World
  29. Mitchell
  30. The Skydivers
  31. Space Travelers
  32. Operation Double 007
  33. Stranded in Space
  34. Teenage Caveman
  35. Crash of the Moons
  36. The Sidehackers
  37. The Sword and the Dragon
  38. The Undead
  39. The Rebel Set
  40. Secret Agent Super Dragon
  41. Manhunt in Space
  42. Teenage Strangler
  43. Kitten with a Whip
  44. Beginning of the End
  45. The Beatniks
  46. The Sinister Urge
  47. Radar Secret Service
  48. The Amazing Transparent Man
  49. Squirm
  50. Track of the Moon Beast

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315 - Teenage Caveman - over 4 years ago

This film actually was not too bad. I actually got drawn into the plot. Robert Vaughn is a solid lead actor and the story is fairly solid. Some tweaks could have made this a good film:

1) You'll accept some bad science as acceptable breaks for reality for story contrivances, but the coda talked about monsters and dinosaurs having come back, for no reason at all. I'd have taken the radioactive long-lived anthropologists as tragic and a key plot figure if not the rest of the garbage.

2) The message speech at the end was way too sanctimonious. Need to dial that back a bit.

3) Too much padding with scenes of people just wandering around, or chasing stuff with no purpose. Some of that can be effective and artistic, but only when there's an actual point to it, which isn't here. Less of that, and more development of relationships between characters would have helped.

4) Silly usage of stock footage...but that's unavoidable to some degree with the budgeting.

5) The accents....eesh. Something that stands out a bit less to our ears and is more consistent among the cast should be a goal.

6) Those dogs really needed to look much less like pets.

Watching this makes me think
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The original was probably a pretty fun little sci-fi series. It makes me think of Battlestar Galactica. You can make out the individual episodes: This one starts with the crew on a mission where they venture too close to a black hole and then their engines shut down near a star. Then there's the episode where the crew finishes up their mission by infiltrating the enemy base and blowing up their superweapon.

It's hard to make out the last fifteen minutes though. Maybe that's one super-compressed episode, or maybe it's multiple episodes. Like, the "fake-mother" plot could be one episode, and then the return to Valnastar to take out the Star Wolves is a big climactic series-ender.

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516 - Alien from L.A. - almost 3 years ago

Ok. Atlantis went down anywhere from 9,000 to 1,600 BC. At the time, what little English that existed was a purely Germanic language. It took Roman invasion for Latin to begin to effect English and eventual invasion of France and other romance based languages to further modify the actual words used in the language for Modern English to evolve. We still used sentence structure based on the original Germanic structure of the language, but were far more influenced in terminology by the Latin based languages. And the Australian form of the language did not begin to evolve until the early 1800s. So tell me. Please. HOW THE HELL DID A SOCIETY THAT SEPARATED ITSELF FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD IN at the least 1600 BC FIRST OF ALL LEARN ENGLISH AND SECOND OF ALL SPEAK IT WITH AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT????????????????????????? (and a bad australian accent, at that) Just had to ask that question.

That telegram....
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516 - Alien from L.A. - about 2 years ago

She gets a telegram saying, "You Father is dead. He fell down a bottomless pit." 1) who determined (and how?) that it was bottomless? & 2) If it's ACTUALLY bottomless he shouldn't be dead, he should still be falling.

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516 - Alien from L.A. - 9 months ago

Did anyone else feel like this one was a lot more misogynistic than previous movies with female leads? They weren't this bad before, even with the Wild Wild World of Batwoman.

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512 - Mitchell - over 4 years ago

Mike: There's an escape pod called the "Deus Ex Machina."

Me: Of COURSE there is.

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604 - Zombie Nightmare - about 3 years ago

It's pretty bad...but it's got Adam West.

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Waffles! Not a bad movie at all for a Corman but why was Todd there alone with all the women and not with the rest of the viking men on there journey? I would be boiking all of them and not be going off looking for there men at all lol. Trivia time: Grimwald King is The Devil in "The Undead" and the guy that keeps on whipping Todd is Apollo in that Star Trek episode "Who Mourns For Adonis". He was Leonard Nimoys acting coach and he got him the Apollo gig!

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306 - Time of the Apes - about 1 year ago

I went to a cook-out on the beach. Unfortunately, I showed up late, and all they had left to eat was a sandy frank.

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816 - Prince of Space - over 3 years ago

I really feel bad for Captain Manicotta. The general guy just keeps asking him what he's saying as he's describing his impending death. It's not supposed to be funny, but it really is.

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518 - The Atomic Brain - about 3 years ago

I fail to see what's so "Atomic" about this "Brain."

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516 - Alien from L.A. - over 4 years ago

That scene at the end with her ex-boyfriend really bugs me. At the beginning she's everything that's unhealthy in a woman-she doesn't want to do anything or go anywhere. It's not just that she's afraid of flying. So she gets clingy when he tries to break up with her, telling him, "I'll change, tell me what to fix and I'll fix it," which is clingy and unhealthy. She needed to focus on herself a bit more and accept the person she was, and he was smart to recognize that he was not compatible with the person she was, and wouldn't try to make her change.

Then, of course, she does change. She grows more self-confident, she found an ability to travel and a sense of adventure, which might make her a good fit for this guy. But somehow he comes off as immature there, and she's somehow too good for him. It's like she's getting revenge for him for not deciding to control her life and tell her who to be. Weird.

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509 - The Girl in Lovers Lane - over 4 years ago

Oh, sorry, didn't know you were posing for a romance novel.

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509 - The Girl in Lovers Lane - over 4 years ago

Come on kid, I'll take you home...-oh.

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821 - Time Chasers - over 4 years ago

I never liked the citizens and officials of stupid Rutland, Vermont! This is just the nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned!

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620 - Danger! Death Ray - over 4 years ago

Why have you taken me to the Peterson's bathroom!?

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