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  1. Night of the Blood Beast
  2. Werewolf
  3. Soultaker
  4. Eegah
  5. 12 to the Moon
  6. Hercules Unchained
  7. The Final Sacrifice
  8. Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell
  9. Cave Dwellers

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204 - Catalina Caper - almost 8 years ago
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Tom Servo is cuteness on toast! :)

Forum - almost 8 years ago
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Anybody that watches the eppys on here regulary wanna watch them together, maybe get a group, get on skype while we watch? I have tried getting my friends to watch it, but they all hate :(

617 - The Sword and the Dragon - over 8 years ago
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Another wonderful (Russo-Finnish?) film. I loves me some Scandinavia!

Forum - almost 8 years ago
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I would like to take this time out to wish everyone on Club MST3K a happy holiday, whatever one you celebrate.

Forum - almost 8 years ago
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Question: MST3K episodes can (kinda) be separated into a number of specific genres: (giant "whatever" films, juvenile delinquent cautionary tales, Japanese imports, mild exploitation flcks, etc.)

Anybody else have a particular genre of episode that you just can't seem to get into? Not that the episode is BAD--the type of movie just rubs you the wrong way? For me: It's Brit/Euro spy "thrillers" (Operation Double 007, Danger! Death Ray!, Code Name: Diamond Head, etc.) The only exceptions are Secret Agent Super Dragon--for its innocent, 60's cheesiness and delightfully awful dubbing...and Diabolik--which is actually half-watchable on its own merits.
Otherwise, these films simply bore me to tears.
Anybody else have a genre of episode like this?

Forum - almost 8 years ago
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The answer here might not be your favourite episode necessarily BUT if you had to pick a specific episode and watch it from beginning to end RIGHT THIS MOMENT which one would it be?

Forum - almost 8 years ago
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So I noticed Tom/Murphy do a riff where he sings "Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel." So I youtubed it and it's actually a really great song (Not the sting version, which basically goes without saying). I'm sure I've shown my age by now, but if you don't know it:

1013 - Diabolik - almost 8 years ago
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Check out avant-god Mike Patton's cover of Deep Deep Down:

Dee dee da, everyone!

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1001 - Soultaker - almost 8 years ago
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She looks like a drag queen without his wig.