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820 - Space Mutiny - about 7 years ago
8 laughs

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Just noticed that the bad guy leading the mutiny has a bum leg and it just so happens this movie ripped scenes out of the old BattleStar Galactica. Well the new BSG has a mutineer that had a bum leg, Felix Gaeta. Coincidence? Ha ha.

821 - Time Chasers - about 7 years ago
6 laughs


Ooh a 50 cents piece form 2041... except they stopped make those quite awhile ago.

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615 - Kitten with a Whip - about 7 years ago
5 laughs


Kitten with a whip... Yak with a Kentucky long rifle.

601 - Girls Town - about 7 years ago
8 laughs


I'm going to kill Eisenhower to prove my love.

508 - Operation Double 007 - about 7 years ago
4 laughs


Maximum Tanning.

514 - Teenage Strangler - about 7 years ago
10 laughs


-Cop shoots the Janitor
"Ironicaly there is no one to clean him up."