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906 - The Space Children - almost 3 years ago
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I just noticed Anne The Cranky Mom's outfit. A mid-length skirt and heels that she wore in the car, while her husband drove 500 miles?! I know it was the mid-1950s but really?! Was the wardrobe department nuts? You don't travel in those clothes. Were capri-length pants and tennis shoes too risque?

Kidnapping Mystery Suggestions
Forum - over 2 years ago
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Hey. Could I have the most stereotypical scenes from a kidnapping mystery movie you can think of? I'm writing a purposely bad play to write riffs for, but I've gotten through act I and can't think of anything else to add. I've added plenty of cliches including pinning it on someone then making the person doing it be someone you only saw twice. I also made a flashback that's totally unexplained and rushed and is there for no reason. Not to mention overly short scenes and plenty of other transition issues. I just need more for Act II. Any suggestions? This is supposed to be trying to take itself seriously even though its really bad.

Short Better than Film!
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I think I maybe have seen the movie once, and not all the way through. But the short? Too many times to count. One of my favorites. Maybe if Beverly Garland was a Viking?

Facebook Sign in not working here?
Forum - almost 3 years ago
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Normally when I get here I use the Facebook connect option to sign in. That ties into my user name / profile pic etc. Always works but today NOTHING, well actually I get a new page prompting me to sign in with the message "Sign in didn't work. Wrong password?" - I even tried to re-enter it there (confirmed correct) but still no success..........

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616 - Racket Girls - almost 3 years ago
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Aw hell. I've been traded to the St. Louis mob.