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Jon, haven't "seen" u around these parts lately. Hope all is great your way.

I just wanted 2 say u have NO IDEA how THANKFUL I am that u posted that info on the stream link! My main home computer is having issues and everything freezes EXCEPT the stream if I have it running, which I always do in the background.

U have no idea how thankful I am 4 that!!!!! MUCH, MUCH gratitude 2 u!

Merci Beau coup, gracias, gratzi, danke! x 1,000!

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Moltar, from the ovens of Moltor. I met your daddy once in a steel cage match. I wish ya coulda seen your old man, weepin' like a woman after my patented pile driver. Yeaah, your dad remembers me.

Favorite Episodes

  1. Invasion of the Neptune Men
  2. Space Mutiny
  3. The Creeping Terror
  4. Monster A-Go Go
  5. Prince of Space
  6. Future War
  7. Agent for H.A.R.M.
  8. Werewolf
  9. Zombie Nightmare
  10. Puma Man
  11. The Giant Spider Invasion
  12. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  13. The Wild World of Batwoman
  14. The Incredibly Strange Creatures...
  15. Warrior of the Lost World
  16. Hobgoblins
  17. The Starfighters
  18. Horror of Party Beach
  19. Devil Fish
  20. The Mole People
  21. The Screaming Skull
  22. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  23. Outlaw of Gor
  24. Teenagers from Outer Space
  25. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  26. Horrors of Spider Island
  27. Attack of the the Eye Creatures
  28. King Dinosaur
  29. Cave Dwellers
  30. Mighty Jack
  31. Angels' Revenge
  32. Time of the Apes
  33. Santa Claus
  34. Final Justice
  35. Catalina Caper
  36. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  37. Laserblast
  38. Eegah
  39. Operation Double 007
  40. Girl in Gold Boots
  41. Night of the Blood Beast
  42. The Brain that Wouldn't Die
  43. The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent
  44. Samson Vs The Vampire Women
  45. The Sword and the Dragon
  46. Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
  47. Jack Frost
  48. Racket Girls
  49. Time Chasers
  50. Soultaker
  51. It Lives by Night
  52. The Touch of Satan
  53. Gamera vs. Guiron
  54. Gamera vs. Zigra
  55. Gamera vs. Gaos
  56. Gamera
  57. Gamera vs. Barugon

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Did you guys see Assignment Venezuela II?

It’s uproarious. A traitorous Army officer gets out of prison and leads a Marxist-socialist movement and becomes essentially a strongman dictator who abolishes the free press and independent media to crush all opposition and nationalizes private industries including all those oil wells seen in the first film and uses the proceeds to enrich himself and his leftist cronies while giving token hand outs to the poor to buy votes and keep in place a state of permanent class warfare to consolidate his power…fun stuff! Then he gets cancer and goes to his good commie buddies Castro’s and Michael Moore’s vaunted Cuban health care system for treatment and they botch it and cannot save him and at the end he re-finds religion and dies terrified of what his actions have wrought for his soul! Classic ending!

Assignment Venezuela III is in now in production and it looks just as “good” (hint a former bus driver is now in total charge!).

701 - Night of the Blood Beast - almost 6 years ago
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Once Upon A Honeymoon is one of the funniest shorts they ever did.

What's the latest?
Forum - almost 4 years ago
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News update? What's the playlist been? I see teenagers from outer space just started. I saw Cabot's bony a** on screen earlier. Anyone see who the new mad is? And who is the red haired women on the kickstarter splash page?

rifftrax shorts
Forum - almost 5 years ago
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i am about to buy the star wars holiday special from the rifftrax website and i realized that i've been hearing about how cheap the shorts are, so i might as well get some of those too! any suggestions for which shorts i should get?

Favorite beer?
Forum - about 5 years ago
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The Sword and The Sorcerer
Forum - about 5 years ago
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Any fans of Cave Dwellers, Outlaw of Gor, Deathstalker and Quest of the Delta Knights should get the newest Rifftrax VOD, Sword and the Sorcerer. It's pretty much those four movies put together.

I haven't been on much this summer. Is this typical now?
Forum - about 5 years ago
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Uploaded with Imgupr

It's cloudy today.
Forum - about 5 years ago
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Friends. *stares blankly at screen for 38 minutes* I've avoided the forum lately because I didn't want to "kill the vibe" - but today, I have nowhere else to go.

My brain, in a nutshell: I have some big decisions to make, all of which are based on so many possibilities and contingencies. A change is needed, yes. But some decisions are held back by other variables that have yet to be seen. I know, makes perfect sense, right?

My head hurts. My body aches. I feel like I am going to collapse. There is so much I want/need/must say and do; but it's all turmoil in my head. I've sunk into something new and terrifying and I feel like I'm drowning.

Part of me wants to just word vomit all over your screen and go over every gruesome detail of the past decade and why I feel the way I do right now and blah blah blarrrgh. The other part of me wants to crawl into bed and never come out from under the covers. And then there's "Middle Me". He wants change. He wants to take action. He realizes that this is his chance to start his life over. Hell, he's turning 30 in a couple of months. This is the perfect time to start anew.

But he can't - at least, not right now. Not in the present state.

So there you have it. I'm not sure what you guys can do with this info. I guess I just need some kind of interaction. Some advice. Fuck, tell me a joke even. I don't know.

my accidental project: "For The Very First Time Again"
Forum - about 5 years ago
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A few other folks on here have mentioned their "projects" -- starting with the earliest existing KTMA episode and working up to Diabolik, watching all the original unriffed versions of the movies -- and I've always just enjoyed picking episodes based on my mood or a certain occasion, with no real "project" in mind other than watching Joike'n'the Bots shred some horrible-assed old movies.

But, aaaaaanyway... some weeks back, when the Big YouTube Blackout was really starting to bite, I decided it'd be a good idea to fire up my trusty YouTube downloader add-on and nab copies of all the episodes I didn't have copies of yet, and make up my mind later if I'd keep them in rotation or not.

So, here I am with the biggest pile of as-yet-unwatched episodes since my spectacular flaming re-entry into the fandom about three years ago. They're mostly SciFi-era stuff -- a large part of it from Season 10 -- with a little scattering of CC and Joel shows. Some of them I haven't seen since they first aired, some not since they went out of reruns; some of the Season 10 stuff I actually missed entirely as SciFi was jerking their time slot around really badly, iirc. So, basically, I'm watching these episodes for the first time.

Sweet! Looks like I have a project: For The Very First Time, Again.

From the binge download of about a month ago, I grabbed:
-Space Travelers (via DAP Central torrent, without the interlacing artifact issues)
-Being From Another Planet
-Alien From L.A.
-Giant Spider Invasion
-Overdrawn At The Memory Bank
-Future War
-Blood Waters Of Dr. Z
-Boggy Creek II
-Final Justice
-It Lives By Night

I've taken my time leisurely crunching these down, watching them late at night when I'm not working or sketching and can just sit back, spark one up, and savor a "new" episode of MST3K. I've watched half of these at least twice so far, to see if there's any new instant favorites in here, and I can tell it's gonna be some serious fun.

Here's what I've seen so far:
-Space Travelers
-Being From Another Planet
-Giant Spider Invasion
-Blood Waters Of Dr. Z
-Boggy Creek II
-It Lives By Night

Any recommendations from the rest?

hot damn, a new Instant Favorite!
Forum - about 5 years ago
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And it is... (drum roll) Giant Spider Invasion!
Hell, how can you go wrong with Alan Hale, Barbara Hale, and a crappy fake giant spider, directed by the legend himself, Bill Rebane, a man whose very name is gold to me -- OK, comedy gold, but, still -- and which quickly earned a solid spot in rotation. This episode is a gift that keeps on giving -- the credit sequence design strangely reminiscent of Monster A Go-Go, the trademark Rebane "dark" visual style and poor sound, Alan Hale actually speaking the phrase "little buddy" in the dialogue, the merciless needling of Wisconsin and Packer fans -- VAAAAAAA-AAAANNNNNNCE!

There's even a new favorite final riff in this one: as they're leaving the theater, right before door no. 1 slams on them, Nelson's low, ominous intonation: "go Packers...!"

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606 - The Creeping Terror - over 6 years ago
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It's just a good thing drugs came along.

612 - The Starfighters - almost 6 years ago
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"Yes a CORN detasseler..."

612 - The Starfighters - over 6 years ago
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We spent billions so the Air Force could... mess around.

612 - The Starfighters - almost 6 years ago
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"Yooou and I refueled by moonlight, fuuuel like sparkling champagne..."

701 - Night of the Blood Beast - almost 6 years ago
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Walter Cronkite approves.

807 - Terror from the Year 5000 - almost 6 years ago
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"Ms. Blake, ever since I studied with Professor Erling, Ive been a little afraid of him.".. "He's a 50-foot cyclops."

807 - Terror from the Year 5000 - almost 6 years ago
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Guy's on keyboards back there.

807 - Terror from the Year 5000 - almost 6 years ago
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Furnace Repairmen from the year 5000!

619 - Red Zone Cuba - almost 6 years ago
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"Tor no go back."

619 - Red Zone Cuba - almost 6 years ago
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Oh, how I long for Cuba...

619 - Red Zone Cuba - almost 6 years ago
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"I hope you guys don't mind, but I've dressed like an ol' time sheriff!"