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K09 - Phase IV Host Segments
K09 - Phase IV - almost 4 years ago
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The second "best of" link is a collection of all the available KTMA host segments. The host segments for K09 - Phase IV start at 44:27 and end at 53:35. I tried to adjust the link so that it would begin and end at those specific times, but I was unsuccessful. If anyone would like to adjust the link accordingly, please do so.

MSTie girls are the Hottest!
Forum - over 4 years ago
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I just noticed. MSTie girls are pretty sexy for the most part! o-o I needs to get muhself a MSTie girlfriend .... I turned my first GF into a full fledged MSTie but that was all the way back in the Early 2000's and she has LONG since dumped my sorry butt. -.- So, I have decided my next GF is going to be a True MSTie =D! Problem is most of em are taken >.

Forum - almost 5 years ago
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I HATE THAT ONLY THREE OF FOUR JOEL EPISODES HAVE ONE HUNDRED LAUGHS! JOEL IS SO UNDERRATED! SO ARE THE GAMERA EPISODES! AND BLOODLUST! And Officer Kondo Cornjob is the best human movie charecter other than Chuck Norris' Canadian cousin, Rowsdower. Also Pepe and Helen are more annoying than Kenny, and I think FISH BUYING should go along with ROCK CLIMBING, DULL SUPRISE, and DEEP HURTING. And Monster A-Go Go is worse than Manos because they couldn't even make SEGMENTS about Monster A-Go Go. And I would love to have a Killer Shrew Shake.

Forum - almost 5 years ago
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A whole bunch of the movies Mystery Science Theater 3000 mocked are getting remakes

Forum - almost 5 years ago
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I'm sure you've noticed the Rifftrax links at the bottom of the page. Just wanted to let you guys know the origins story:

The web guy from contacted me via the familiar "Contact Me" link on the left and asked if I'd add links to Rifftrax, and I love their work so I said OK. They're half the reason this site exists, so how could I say no? That was a short story. I was kind of worried about how I was going to pay for the web hosting, and I was going to try to raise some money for that, but the Rifftrax links have solved that problem.

It's a shame that Cinematic Titanic never contacted me, but they're disbanding soon, so I guess that ship has sailed.

Recent Club stats: Getting about 3000 visits per day, with about 3500 per day on weekends. Googling "mst3k" has us on the first results page, and googling "watch mst3k" has us as the very first result!

Riffs quoted: 16,132
Comments posted in the forum and episodes pages: 21,758
Registered MSTies: 2,553 (1,785 via Facebook, 768 via Google)

Forum - about 5 years ago
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Hey I was just watching a JOEL hosted episode and they come across a Soviet played by MIKE who has his own two robo sidekicks! Never saw that skit before and was thinking how this was almost a glimpse of what was to come!

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