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EAG46 - over 2 years ago
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How did the live MST3K show go? Was it worth the $? What was the second movie? [You can send me a secret message, I won't tell.]

Jet Jaguar Abides - over 2 years ago
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Hey Mike. don't suppose you know what happened to Seth? Either I'm going crazy or his MST3K Club Account is no more...wondering why he would delete his account...hope everything is alright.

EAG46 - over 3 years ago
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It was cool running into you at the NASM on Friday. I had to leave the movie early because all of the crowds and the noise were finally getting to me. I needed the quiet cold ride home....Maybe we'll bunp into each other on a less crowded MSTie thing.

Hawthorne Rollings - over 3 years ago
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I apologize for rude comments about DC, I was being goofy

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re "I've also had some really great vegan sushi, too, at a happy hour put on by some hemp advocacy outfits I've worked with a few years ago. They were made by the chef at a popular vegan/vegetarian restaurant here in DC, and his use of tofu and other textured proteins was brilliant. I'm a fool for a good California Roll, and this guy's vegan version totally nailed it. Once again, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been told ahead of time."

If u don't mind may i have the name of the restaurant/chef? I want 2 try 2 ferret out the recipe in some way..................

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Wait a min...I had but that stopped working 4 YT...u mean that it still works 4 u?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Favorite Episodes

  1. The Creeping Terror
  2. Being from Another Planet
  3. The Giant Spider Invasion
  4. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  5. Hobgoblins
  6. Pod People
  7. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  8. The Unearthly
  9. The Leech Woman
  10. Samson Vs The Vampire Women

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(Re) Name that Experiment!?
Forum - 19 days ago
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For a while now, I've wondered if it was just a typo, and they really meant to call "Night of the Blood Beast" by this handle: "Night of the Brood Beast."

Can you think of other experiments where, by adding or subtracting a letter or two (or even three), you get another whole new name? (If the new title fits the movie better, that makes it an even better "find.")

The only ones that come to mind right off, without much thought, are these:

*Danger! Dearth Ray (owing to the scarcity of widespread death-raying).
*The Girl in Movers Lane (she certainly changed her zip code)
*The Wild World of Batswoman (asylum hopping is her forte)
*The Touch of Satin (so many smooth operators here)
*Devil Droll (such dry, wry, sawdusty wit here)
*Crash of the Goons (IQs on Parade we really ain't)
*The Slim People (they can exist on very thin dialogue)
*The Spaced Children (Hanging out with Fester and a drunk Professor?)

Bloodrust, The violent Tears, The Brut Man, The Thing That Couldn't Dig....

OK, gotta quit now. Things are getting all woozy. Your turn! : )

Forum - 12 days ago
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Somehow his passing eluded me.
But on December 29th, the world lost a quirky, brilliantly funny minstrel.
Google "Neil Innes" if you don't already know his name, and read why he matters to a great many lovers of irreverent humor.
Rest in peace ...or whatever you feel like doing, Neil.

Forum - 14 days ago
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What riff-related stuff have you got that most of the rest of us have not?

Wearing a Path to Some Eps in Your "Comfort" Viewing?
Forum - 14 days ago
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Have any fav experiments to which you are somewhat mysteriously drawn, time after time? When I'm not sure which of my many favs I want to check out, but want to put on pause looping through the whole (original) ten seasons again, I find myself watching some eps much more than others.

The Slime People (earnest goofiness strikes again)
It Conquered the World (a Zappa fav referred to in song)
Hercules Against the Moon Men (behold the cheese!)
Beginning of the End (another Peter Graves delight)
The Dead Talk Back (I'll have what the film's writers were having)
The Creeping Terror (slack-jawed fun on a very thin budget)
The Beast of Yucca Flats (the ultimate anti-movie movie)

... plus another half dozen or so.

For me, The Force is strong in these.
Sound familiar (or should I book a suite in the Rubber Bungalow)?
Both? : )

Forum - 11 days ago
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Just discovered the show on IFC this morning. Numerous showtimes on this network. Is this a wave of nostalgia taking place?

Forum - 21 days ago
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I know probably been asked a lot, but what your top 3 picks for each year?

Forum - 13 days ago
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Okay, it's been 4 days so let's get to where it really starts getting tough. What are your 3 favorite episodes from Season 3?

Forum - 5 months ago
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What, in your opinion, was the single darkest riff of MST3k's entire run?

For me, it is the 1st season references to a certain scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy:

"Love-ly. LOVE-LY!!!"

701 - Night of the Blood Beast - over 3 years ago
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Crow's ethnic slur about 50.0 is rather jarring.

Best "Surprise" Christmas Movie?
Forum - 28 days ago
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Girl in Gold Boots, anyone?

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians vs Santa Claus
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Not only are we fueling the Mike vs Joel debate, but we're also fueling the Dropo vs Lupita debate...and I think we know the answer to that one...
But seriously: Which episode do you think is the better riff, better host segments, and the most laughs?

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a favorite of mine. It's how I found out about the show. I'd say the host segments are better. However, overall Santa Claus is a better episode in terms of riffs and is just a funnier episode, overall. But to answer your question, while Lupita could kick Dropo's ass by hand, Dropo has that techno-voodoo. In a pure match, Lupita wins, but in a hardcore match, Dropo wins.

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