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EAG46 - over 1 year ago
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How did the live MST3K show go? Was it worth the $? What was the second movie? [You can send me a secret message, I won't tell.]

Jaguar Wong Abides - over 1 year ago
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Hey Mike. don't suppose you know what happened to Seth? Either I'm going crazy or his MST3K Club Account is no more...wondering why he would delete his account...hope everything is alright.

EAG46 - over 2 years ago
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It was cool running into you at the NASM on Friday. I had to leave the movie early because all of the crowds and the noise were finally getting to me. I needed the quiet cold ride home....Maybe we'll bunp into each other on a less crowded MSTie thing.

Hawthorne Rollings - over 2 years ago
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I apologize for rude comments about DC, I was being goofy

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re "I've also had some really great vegan sushi, too, at a happy hour put on by some hemp advocacy outfits I've worked with a few years ago. They were made by the chef at a popular vegan/vegetarian restaurant here in DC, and his use of tofu and other textured proteins was brilliant. I'm a fool for a good California Roll, and this guy's vegan version totally nailed it. Once again, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been told ahead of time."

If u don't mind may i have the name of the restaurant/chef? I want 2 try 2 ferret out the recipe in some way..................

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Wait a min...I had but that stopped working 4 YT...u mean that it still works 4 u?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Favorite Episodes

  1. The Creeping Terror
  2. Being from Another Planet
  3. The Giant Spider Invasion
  4. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  5. Hobgoblins
  6. Pod People
  7. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  8. The Unearthly
  9. The Leech Woman
  10. Samson Vs The Vampire Women

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Happy Birthday, Jim Stafford
Forum - 5 days ago
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...and in his honor, of course was my celebratory viewing of Riding With Death.

"Yeah, it sure did spread outward from my body..."
–Mike Nelson

"We'll send him awesome movies, the best that we can find..."
Forum - 21 days ago
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Say Kinga completely blew a fuse and decided to Kingachrome up a certifiably-great film to Jonah and the Bots, and challenge them to make it funny (a la Rifftrax taking on things like Casablanca and The Wrath of Khan).

Which undeniably *great* film would you love to see the current SOL crew take on?

Fill in the Blanks with Your Favorite Rifftrax Wedding Vows or Other Wedding Riffs
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Example: You know..I could honestly spend the rest of my life watching you wait to die ... Ah, my wedding vows

Radical Jack

R.I.P. Carol
Forum - 6 days ago
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Carol Channing passes away at 97. She led a nice long life and made for several good riffs along the way. Time to put on some Fugitive Alien or maybe Red Zone Cuba...

Riff of the day: The director's vision?
Forum - 11 days ago
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...confusion racked with ambiguity!

Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

Forum - about 1 month ago
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Okay, I know it has been done before, but with Aileen's MST3k "Alternative Christmas Experiments" type thread, I am of the mind to ask, what's your favorite Rifftrax Christmas extravaganza?

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