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312 - Gamera vs. Guiron - over 7 years ago
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This one is by far the best of the Gamera movies. Between the football head alien space babes with southern drawls, to the Swiss Army Head villain, to just giving up on the grownups completely, and doing a Gamera movie that focused on the kids, and giving up any pretense of it being an adult movie, to the "Hirohito Gamera" song, everything about this one works.

204 - Catalina Caper - about 7 years ago
10 laughs

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To finally answer that vexing question about Creepy Girl's ethnicity, Ulla Strömstedt (1939-1986) was Swedish. Who'da thunk it?

109 - Project Moonbase - over 8 years ago
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Like "Time of the Apes," "Master Ninja" and "Mighty Jack," this movie was pieced together from episodes of a TV show (an unaired American series called "Ring Around the Moon"). So instead of two serial parts followed by a feature, we get two serial parts followed by a bunch more parts of an unrelated serial. The riffing is good and the host segments are classics, but it's hard to find anything to like about the movie.

204 - Catalina Caper - over 8 years ago
8 laughs

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I'll never forget showing this episode to my boyfriend (it was only a few months ago) and him being so genuinely shocked at how mediocre and pointless this movie is.

417 - Crash of the Moons - almost 7 years ago
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The actual title of this movie, according to the title card is simply "Crash of Moons" (no "the").

202 - The Sidehackers - over 7 years ago
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Nobody from MST3K noticed it, but JC was Korax in The Trouble With Tribbles. He's the Klingon Scotty belted for saying "I didn't mean to say the Enterprise should be hauling garbage. I meant to say that it should be hauled away AS GARBAGE!!!!!"

417 - Crash of the Moons - over 8 years ago
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Scotty Beckett, the actor who played Winky, lived a short, tragic life. He had to be replaced on this show because he was jailed on weapons charges and may have been involved in an armed robbery. He died at the age of 38 from unknown causes.

701 - Night of the Blood Beast - over 7 years ago
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OK, this has been bugging me:
Were there alternate host segments for this episode? I seem to remember watching this one with different host segments. Specifically, there was some sort of dinner party with a bunch of guests that Frank had invited before he died, including Mr. B Natural, Satan, and Kevin Murphy dressed up as a cat.
Does anyone else remember this? Or have I gone completely bonkers? Or both?

206 - Ring of Terror - over 8 years ago
12 laughs

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The actor who played Lewis was 42 when this was filmed!

206 - Ring of Terror - over 7 years ago
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We've been watching each episode in order (excluding the KTMA run) and this was the second movie we almost couldn't sit through (the first was The Slime People, because you can barely see what's happening)! The riffs saved it, but the absolutely *nothing* happens in the movie! D:

424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate - over 7 years ago
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Oh Gawd. So classic. Quintessential MST3k here. If you're looking to get your feet with MST3k, this is the one to start with.

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