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Merry Christmas Jake!!! Hope you and your family have an Awesome Christmas and the New Year brings you fame & fortune...ok,skip the fame and double up on the fortune ;p

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Hey, anyone dropping by to visit, I set up a new profile as to not rely on FB as a login source and also as an interaction place between fellow MSTies and to plug future indie riffing endeavors. I'll probably still use both profiles, but in case anybody's wondering, IT'SA ME! on either one. Cheers!

Jaguar Wong Abides - almost 3 years ago
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Hello the Wall, do you still come on this site? Just checking in and wondering how you were doing?

Jaguar Wong Abides - over 3 years ago
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Hey Jake...hope all is well with your family...and Merry Christmas(make sure to spoil the young'uns)! Btw, Have you talked to CeaCea lately?

Favorite Episodes

  1. Pod People
  2. Jack Frost
  3. Space Mutiny
  4. Cave Dwellers
  5. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  6. Eegah
  7. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  8. Soultaker
  9. Time Chasers
  10. The Wild World of Batwoman
  11. I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  12. The Unearthly

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Forum - 7 days ago
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Just curious... what d'ya think of this guy?
Forum - about 1 month ago
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I have fallen into the fresh hell (and probable fad) of Funko Pop! collecting. I found some nice Crow and Servo pops to start off with. Then I saw this thing:

(more info:
Pretty sure I'm not interested in getting him as he seems to command a much larger price being of a limited run; also not really into him.
Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts and opinions on Tom Serv-Crow.

The Mads' Greatest Defeats
Forum - about 1 month ago
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In y'all's opinions, when did the Mads get their worst defeats? I.E. the times where the SOL crew just handed the Mads' asses to them on a golden platter?

I can think of three offhand:
-Castle of Fu Manchu, where Joel tricked the Mads into demonstrating they're terrible at riffing
-Radar Secret Service, where Mike proved that Ecstato-EuphoroFun! (with patented Hinder-90™) really does make everything fun
-Diabolik, in which Mike finally secures freedom for himself and the Bots, jerking every tear out of our eyes in the process

List your examples, won't you?

#5 Some Comments and Laighs Allowed....
Forum - 22 days ago
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Report January only had 28days this year.

...and just like that...
Forum - 29 days ago
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HE GONE! Well done everyone!

NCNL 2019 #4
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Pretty obvious what's going on here. No comments, no laighs and no chastisement.

Did someone say RiffTrax Kickstarter 2019?
Forum - 28 days ago
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In case anyone was out of the loop:
Already hit the main goal. 3 really good looking movies (also going to be available digitally afterwards, which is nice in case you miss em). Pretty sure stretch goals are incoming at some point in the near future. Join us, won't we?

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