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  1. The Dead Talk Back
  2. Monster A-Go Go
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Space Mutiny
  5. Horror of Party Beach
  6. Samson Vs The Vampire Women
  7. The Incredibly Strange Creatures...
  8. Laserblast
  9. Hobgoblins
  10. The Final Sacrifice
  11. Gamera vs. Guiron
  12. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  13. Squirm
  14. Gamera
  15. The Indestructible Man

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It's that time again....
Forum - 6 months ago
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Explain Your Avatar

Club MST3K Sci-Fi Movie
Forum - 10 months ago
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Ok guys: your fun for today was inspired by watching way too many 1950's and 60's sci-fi movies (but riffed and unriffed). If we were to put together our own movie, what cliched elements would we have to include? My contribution - the inevitable KFC "meteor" storm.

Forum - 11 months ago
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Pretty much any movie can be made better by adding a turtle. And the bigger the turtle, the better the movie

817 - Horror of Party Beach - over 5 years ago
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So, despite the fact that there have been numerous horrible murders committed by MUTANT SEA MONSTERS in a quiet little town and that this fact has found it's way to the outside world ( Since the 3 soon to be eaten women in the convertible knew about it before coming into town ) Neither the State or Federal authorities feel the need to help combat the evil menace in any way and instead it's up to a pipe smoking knucklehead and his bland sports car driving assistant to save the day.

Thank God for Eulabelle!

1012 - Squirm - over 5 years ago
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From IMDB :
Kim Basinger auditioned for the female lead.

Sylvester Stallone eagerly pursued the casting agents for the part of Roger, and Martin Sheen was briefly attached to the project to play Mick.

Why couldn't we have gotten that movie?

806 - The Undead - almost 6 years ago
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This is another "sleeper" episode. One of my favorites.

Episodes You Return To
Forum - almost 3 years ago
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Do you find yourself returning to certain episodes? Maybe you are comfortable with the movie and host segments of a certain a comfort food. Or do you have specific episodes for certain moods.
Sorry if it sounds dumb but, I'm still new here and this is something that interests me. My favorite episodes are Devil Doll and Blood Beast, that Roger Corman turkey. I never get tired of either one.

RT: solpnnals
Forum - about 3 years ago
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I recently had the chance to watch RT Birdemic, and it has forever ruined two words for me: solar panels. I was watching a show on HGTV and the people house hunting mentioned that the house they were looking at was off the grid...and it had... solpnnals, although they did say it correctly. :)

Solpnnals will now join the ranks of a few select MST moments that I think of every time I hear a word related to it.

Top 3 Movies
Forum - about 3 years ago
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I've known my two favorite movies for years now, but I've finally decided on my third favorite. What are your favorite movies?

What's Your Holiday Tradition Movie (Non MST)
Forum - about 3 years ago
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Mine has to be Scrooged.

Once upon a time, this was how we cleared the air.
Forum - about 3 years ago
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my late night ponderings
Forum - about 3 years ago
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Hey guys...I just read that Alice Cooper is a major fan of mst3k and got hooked on the show when he was channel surfing one night. He changed to a channel where he came across a little red robot being cooked over an open fire. He loved it from that second forward.
I should know but can't for the life of me remember what episode that they r referring to? I have too many episodes clumped up in a closet in my brain and can't sort it all out right now. Also, does anyone happens to have it as a youtube clip to send me? I would love to show it to one of my non-mst friends.
BTW Alex, u r soooo right about John Agar. My mind instantly went blank when I read ur post. I had to look him up on wiki. That was less that 5 minutes ago and already I've forgotten who he was again. haha
To quote a line from an old MASH episode..."Careful Dear. Don't stand too close. The dullness rubs off. "

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