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  1. I Accuse My Parents
  2. The Skydivers
  3. Girl in Gold Boots
  4. The Undead
  5. The Rebel Set
  6. Diabolik
  7. Racket Girls
  8. The Deadly Mantis
  9. The Dead Talk Back
  10. The Human Duplicators
  11. War of the Colossal Beast
  12. SST: Death Flight
  13. Cave Dwellers
  14. Jungle Goddess
  15. Devil Fish
  16. Daddy-O
  17. Radar Secret Service
  18. High School Big Shot
  19. Eegah

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912 - The Screaming Skull - almost 5 years ago
4 laughs

5 replies Comment icon

Seeing that classic Mercedes 300SL is the best part of this movie. I would love to have one of those.

806 - The Undead - over 3 years ago
3 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

Does Pendragon stabbing Livia towards the end seem unreasonably cruel to anyone else? Sure, she's a witch and she has already been shown to kill someone, but, hell, she's always been nice to him and, at that point, she's just advocating the same position as everyone else.

Also, was that "I have been to the proletariat areas and consorted with the prostitutes" part supposed supposed to be a really obscure reference to George Orwell's '1984'?

806 - The Undead - over 4 years ago
3 laughs

1 reply Comment icon

Ironically, during the end sketch I went down the hall and fixed myself a (100% veggie) sandwich. :p

801 - Revenge of the Creature - about 5 years ago
5 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

Now the "PUNK" reference makes sense..... That's Clint "Harry Callahan" Eastwood

515 - The Wild World of Batwoman - about 3 years ago
2 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

anyone else catch the Hugh Beaumont drop by Crow??

22 minutes in...
524 - 12 to the Moon - over 3 years ago
5 laughs

4 replies Comment icon

So far I like this movie! This is how we should've gone to the moon; as a united species, not a divided group of squabbling nations. Of course they still made the American the leader of the international effort, though. lol

Guitar Solo?!
603 - The Dead Talk Back - almost 2 years ago
0 laughs

7 replies Comment icon

It bears mentioning that (Crow's cute little Stratocaster notwithstanding): that was a paint-peelingly boring SYNTH solo. I didn't hear ~any~ actual guitar notes. A few of BestBrains know 'cowboy chords' on guitar, but none of them play single-note lines; keyboard is a little more accessible for that to 'hobbyist' musicians.

319 - War of the Colossal Beast - about 4 years ago
5 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

*lmao* A 30 minute commercial for Conn, of all things. Those were the crappiest instruments and limited to beginning students! Get a Selmer or Yamaha.

319 - War of the Colossal Beast - over 3 years ago
3 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

Its been a while since I watched this episode, but the loathsome feeling came back when "Mr." B Natural popped in. I just don't understand why they would use someone so obviously a female to play a male role. And I think his self esteem would be better served if everyone would call him by name instead of "hey boy". As for the movie, well, I watched it to hear the guys great riffing. How stupid can a woman become when her brother is 60 feet tall? Oh well, I have to give her credit for skipping up a mountain in a dress and flats, although heels would look better with that style of dress.

603 - The Dead Talk Back - almost 2 years ago
1 laugh

6 replies Comment icon

When Renee is changing clothes and in her negligee, Mike says "So round, so firm, so fully packed." Kind of a throw away line and not all that funny. But it's actually a line from a John Hartford song called "The Golden Globe Award". Listen to that song and the line instantly becomes a classic...

612 - The Starfighters - about 5 years ago
4 laughs

7 replies Comment icon

Have you ever known one of those guys who is super into flying and just believes that airplanes are just so intrinsically fascinating that he will tell you the model of every plane that passes by, no matter now little it means to you? This movie must have been made by such a person.

423 - Bride of the Monster - over 3 years ago
6 laughs

12 replies Comment icon

If there were door-to-door car salesmen, what else was sold door-to-door? Puppies? Dinner plates? Bras? "Ma'am, you look like someone who could use a good, sturdy bra..."

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