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  1. I Accuse My Parents
  2. The Skydivers
  3. High School Big Shot
  4. Girl in Gold Boots
  5. The Undead
  6. The Rebel Set
  7. Diabolik
  8. Racket Girls
  9. The Deadly Mantis
  10. The Dead Talk Back
  11. The Human Duplicators
  12. War of the Colossal Beast
  13. SST: Death Flight
  14. Cave Dwellers
  15. Jungle Goddess
  16. Devil Fish
  17. Daddy-O
  18. Radar Secret Service

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811 - Parts: The Clonus Horror - over 4 years ago

Where's all the 'Mission Impossible' references? When The Film Crew did 'Killers from Space' they did one every other time Peter Graves was on screen.

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806 - The Undead - almost 4 years ago

Man, there's a lot of disturbing moments throughout this show, but seriously, nothing makes me more uncomfortable than Satan's off-set Adam's apple.

Guitar Solo?!
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603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 1 year ago

It bears mentioning that (Crow's cute little Stratocaster notwithstanding): that was a paint-peelingly boring SYNTH solo. I didn't hear ~any~ actual guitar notes. A few of BestBrains know 'cowboy chords' on guitar, but none of them play single-note lines; keyboard is a little more accessible for that to 'hobbyist' musicians.

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911 - Devil Fish - over 3 years ago

Is Mike's opening monologue based on an old TV show opening VO? The words sound familiar, or perhaps I'm losing my grip.

This has to be the least sexy "sexy" movie ever. Possibly--possibly--my favorite MST riff ever: when the scientist removes her glasses and Tom plays the dirty trumpet.

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210 - King Dinosaur - over 5 years ago

I love how all the launch footage is stock footage of test launches of captured V-2s at White Sands. Still, a much classier use of old stock footage of rockets than "Creeping Terror", which showed us stock footage of an Atlas ICBM launch run in reverse and expected us to believe it was an alien spacecraft landing (uh huh, yeah, right).

Why, yes, I _am_ a hopeless old space history geek...

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You guys are right about the forklift schtick. And Joel getting fed up with Crow for the "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" voice "AGAIN" after 20 times, made this compost heap of a movie worthwhile.

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Ah, one of the funniest episodes I think I've ever seen.

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*lmao* This movie is a gem! It almost makes one feel bad for city folk. Don't know anything about guns, can't use a stick, have no concept of what a 4 wheel drive car can or, more importantly, CAN'T do, and don't even know how to use a simple winch. *shakes head*

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From Wikipedia, about another one of Pierce's movies: "He received some criticism for the graphic violence portrayed in the film, particularly one scene where the killer ties a woman to a tree, attaches a knife to the end of a trombone, then repeatedly stabs her while playing the instrument."

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My question is if Otis Tucker had a flat tire, all alone and "never regained consciousness" and was never able to tell anyone what happened to him... how in the world does Doc know the story?

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Trixie: "Trumpy looks so adorable! Can I have one?"
It might go on a killing rampage.
Trixie: "So I'll have it fixed. A snip in the mommy daddy button. Tame it pretty fast."

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