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  1. I Accuse My Parents
  2. The Skydivers
  3. Girl in Gold Boots
  4. The Undead
  5. The Rebel Set
  6. Diabolik
  7. Racket Girls
  8. The Deadly Mantis
  9. The Dead Talk Back
  10. The Human Duplicators
  11. War of the Colossal Beast
  12. SST: Death Flight
  13. Jungle Goddess
  14. Devil Fish
  15. Daddy-O
  16. Radar Secret Service
  17. Eegah
  18. Cave Dwellers
  19. High School Big Shot
  20. The Beatniks
  21. Invasion USA

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320 - The Unearthly - over 5 years ago
4 laughs

5 replies Comment icon

Mark Houston...the general in The Incredible Melting Man? Anyone know? Yeah, had that "Twilight Zone" moment a day or so ago. Wow.....

803 - The Mole People - almost 6 years ago
6 laughs

7 replies Comment icon

I like this episode because it reminds me of The Flat Earth Society, and the millions they have spent to prove their claim.

511 - Gunslinger - over 5 years ago
8 laughs

1 reply Comment icon

Beverly Garland sure loved kickin ass before she became everybody's TV grandma in shows like Scarecrow & Mrs. King and Remington Steele. She was even Superman's mom-in-law in Lois & Clark! If only he knew what she did in Gunslinger and Swamp Diamonds!

6 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

Is it just me, or is this movie essentially the reptilian version of Whaerwuelf? Come to the American southwest, immediately shack up with a woman whose voice makes Mariah Carey palatable by comparison, cluelessly get hit in the head, get real sweaty for no apparent reason, and then turn into a vaguely Native American superbeast. Hell. Both protagonists are even named Paul.

The only real differences are a) the sheer 70s power of this film; b) the heavy European accents of the other one; and c) the fact that the monster is actually effectual here.

6 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

So, btw... just how many MSTied movies are there involving capers where one of the perps is disguised as a priest? There's this stinkburger, and The Rebel Set, and...?

522 - Teenage Crime Wave - about 3 years ago
3 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

Hilarious call back at 36:30. Mike Nelson is trumpeting the theme song from the early 70's game show "The Dating Game". For us MSTies old enough to remember it, it's GOLD I tell ya Jerry... GOLD!

607 - Bloodlust - over 5 years ago
6 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

OK, the rats. Fancy rats are domesticated and far removed from their wild, aggressive, sewage encrusted, disease carrying ancestors. Besides being obviously well-fed and docile, they chose WHITE rats? Just another example of poor casting.

1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - about 4 years ago
10 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

anyone else get this and IT FLIES BY NIGHT mixed-up with each other??
It might just be another case of all-too identical small pieces of crap that were once part of a much larger piece of crap...the smaller pieces, of course, having been formed when the larger piece hit the fan, and naturally a lot of crap was scattered....
hmmm....actually every MST3K'd movie was probably formed at that moment---theorists call it the BIG CRAP-SPLATTERING THEORY.

Guitar Solo?!
603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 3 years ago
1 laugh

9 replies Comment icon

It bears mentioning that (Crow's cute little Stratocaster notwithstanding): that was a paint-peelingly boring SYNTH solo. I didn't hear ~any~ actual guitar notes. A few of BestBrains know 'cowboy chords' on guitar, but none of them play single-note lines; keyboard is a little more accessible for that to 'hobbyist' musicians.

801 - Revenge of the Creature - about 5 years ago
4 laughs

7 replies Comment icon

Seriously who names their dog Chris?

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