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ADONIS AT THE MOVIES - about 1 month ago
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Favorite Episodes

  1. I Accuse My Parents
  2. The Skydivers
  3. Girl in Gold Boots
  4. The Undead
  5. The Rebel Set
  6. Diabolik
  7. Racket Girls
  8. The Deadly Mantis
  9. The Dead Talk Back
  10. The Human Duplicators
  11. War of the Colossal Beast
  12. SST: Death Flight
  13. Jungle Goddess
  14. Devil Fish
  15. Daddy-O
  16. Radar Secret Service
  17. Eegah
  18. Cave Dwellers
  19. High School Big Shot
  20. The Beatniks
  21. Invasion USA

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Adolfo Celi
1013 - Diabolik - almost 3 years ago
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Like Joe Don Baker, Celi was in a James Bond movie; unlike Baker, he was the Bond nemesis/top villain. It was the non-MGM/Broccoli re-make of 'Thunderball', and the last Sean Connory Bond gig (aptly titled "Never Say Never Again". He was the commandant of the Italian prison camp in the film adaptation of 'Von Ryan's Express' (which I re-watched recently), as well. He may have been in the seminal 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly', as I recall, too...I think I remember him as the sadistic Union Army prison camp warden who made the rag-tag band play to mask the sound of his guy beating the crap out of Eli Wallach. He was certainly hanging around the desert movie sets of Toscana at the time...I'd have to look at the G,B,atU. titles (or just watch it again; I have the 3+hr European cut from which the 2 1/2 hr. US release was culled, but haven't seen it for a long time. I spend too much time over here) Celi seemed to be having a good old time here, and gleefully chewed the scenery. No less, he made the stinger and got the last word(s) on the [gulp!] 11 year run: "Is that stud?......Coming?"

Love ya, Brains and bots! Like those well-programmed losers on the bus-line, I'm going to go watch 'The Crawling Eye' now.
(I'm doing it for the kicks)

22 minutes in...
524 - 12 to the Moon - over 4 years ago
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So far I like this movie! This is how we should've gone to the moon; as a united species, not a divided group of squabbling nations. Of course they still made the American the leader of the international effort, though. lol

809 - I Was a Teenage Werewolf - almost 5 years ago
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1950s era white people shouldn't dance, sing, be werewolves, or be allowed to make crappy ass movies

512 - Mitchell - over 4 years ago
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The "turn the gun on yourself" bit at about 1:20:45 has gotta be just about the darkest riff ever. I can't even think of any close contenders, offhand.

802 - The Leech Woman - over 4 years ago
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I just love that the stupid bastard husband is like 'yes, use human sacrifice to get young and hot again! YOU HAVE NO REASON TO WANT ME DEAD, THIS IS GOING TO WORK OUT GREAT FOR ME!'

802 - The Leech Woman - about 3 years ago
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For a man old age brings rewards of honor and respect but a woman has nothing but pity... What a load of crap! Old age sucks for everyone.

802 - The Leech Woman - over 3 years ago
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I love how deeply confused the lawyer is by young!June's freakout. It couldn't possibly be, oh, I don't know... GUILT? BECAUSE YOUR FIANCEE IS *WAITING FOR YOU RIGHT OUTSIDE, YOU FUCKING PIG?!*

1008 - Final Justice - over 3 years ago
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"It's pronounced heh-ronimo" . . . uh, no it isn't.

818 - Devil Doll - about 5 years ago
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Why is it that whenever the doll starts walking, he swells up and greatly increases in volume?

602 - Invasion USA - almost 5 years ago
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Yeah, I don’t think one missile from a fighter plane is going to take down Hoover Dam.

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