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Realistic Action Batch - almost 7 years ago
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I am the artist formerly known as Chicken-Fried Punk.

Favorite Episodes

  1. I Accuse My Parents
  2. Mitchell
  3. It Conquered the World
  4. Monster A-Go Go
  5. The Incredible Melting Man
  6. Alien from L.A.
  7. The Brute Man
  8. Santa Claus
  9. The Amazing Colossal Man
  10. Tormented
  11. War of the Colossal Beast
  12. Manhunt in Space

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516 - Alien from L.A. - about 7 years ago
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It's been a long time since I last watched this one. When I was stationed in Korea in 2000 my now-ex-wife threw out a bunch of my stuff, including all but one of my tapes. For years all I had was a single 9 hour SLP recording that I managed (through very, VERY carefully skipping commercials) to barely fit 5 episodes on. This one was the first on the tape, so I got pretty tired of it.

510 - Lassie: The Painted Hills - about 5 years ago
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Dang. I put together a YouTube playlist of the Frank era (I have awful tinnitus and use MST3K as my white noise to sleep at night) and this is the only episode I can't get because the only link still available is private. This is one of my favorites, too.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in my playlist (A Radio Station Called Frank) here's the link:

207 - Wild Rebels - almost 7 years ago
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Wow. It turns out Fats was also Santa in A Christmas Story. I love imdb.

413 - Manhunt in Space - almost 7 years ago
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Ho. Lee. Sheep. Dip.
I just realized that Winky's mom is Auntie McFrank.

It explains so much about him now.

403 - City Limits - almost 7 years ago
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Holy crap. This show never gets stale. I have watched this episode semi-frequently ever since it first aired and I just now caught Crow's callback to the absurdly calm blind man from Rocket Attack USA. I've seen that host segment at *least* 30 times and it never clicked until now. Wow.

406 - Attack of the Giant Leeches - about 7 years ago
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Random: Stephen King talks about having a crush on Yvette Vickers as a kid in 'On Writing'. She is pretty tasty.

309 - The Amazing Colossal Man - almost 7 years ago
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Such great host segments in this one. Amazing Colossal Joel still cracks me up every time. "No. Ahhh. I'm huge."

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It was probably very hard to love kids back in the '70's.

521 - Santa Claus - almost 7 years ago
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Mike says Santa Klaws sounded like the Fixx, but I think they also sound vaguely like the Sisters of Mercy.

512 - Mitchell - about 7 years ago
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At the risk of sounding like an a$$: as much as I respect Joel for his hard work on MST, I felt a greater loss when Frank left... Seriously, he was always my favorite character.

324 - Master Ninja II - over 7 years ago
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From Sergio Leone to this? Really?!?

324 - Master Ninja II - about 7 years ago
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You know, after watching this and Master Ninja l, I had no clue there was such a ninja problem in the '70's.

Recent Riffs

311 - It Conquered the World - almost 7 years ago
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"The cigarette works, Peter."

502 - Hercules - almost 7 years ago
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“Claude Balls, ladies and gentlemen. Claude Balls.”

206 - Ring of Terror - almost 7 years ago
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... and they kept their blinker on the whole way.

509 - The Girl in Lovers Lane - about 7 years ago
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"Tryin' to look at nobody, and I'm lookin' at everybody!"