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Eulalia Vox - over 4 years ago
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The Big Bad Five of MST3K:

Sandy Frank
Roger Corman
Coleman Francis
Bert I. Gordon
Ed Wood

Favorite Episodes

  1. Space Mutiny
  2. The Final Sacrifice
  3. Soultaker
  4. Pod People
  5. Warrior of the Lost World
  6. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  7. Time Chasers
  8. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  9. Catalina Caper
  10. Werewolf
  11. Time of the Apes
  12. Gamera
  13. Hobgoblins
  14. Devil Doll
  15. Outlaw of Gor
  16. Bloodlust

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I have to say, I legitimately teared up during Forrester's realization Frank was gone and during "Who Am I Going to Kill". What is happening to me?

306 - Time of the Apes - almost 4 years ago
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In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey !!

807 - Terror from the Year 5000 - over 3 years ago
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I LOVE the way Pearl says "... the hell?!" In the opening segment with the brain guys. Just the right amount of outrage mixed in with some disbelief, skepticism, and belligerence.

323 - The Castle of Fu Manchu - over 3 years ago
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In the last two days I have turned this movie on 3 times i keep falling asleep I still have not seen the end of this movie

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Who's the guy who says "Mystery science theater 3000 episode (insert number here) reel 1" at the beginning of some of the episodes. He always sounds like he just woke up, has a cold, really doesn't like his job or some combination of the three. He doesn't sound like any of the guys on the show but it's the same voice every time.

Here's a copy of "Robot Rumpus"...
Forum - over 3 years ago
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For anyone who has some space to host it permanently, whether it's YouTube, Metacafe, whatever. I'll leave this up for a few days to make sure everybody who can host it someplace can grab a copy (see my reply to Katy Warner):

518 - The Atomic Brain - about 5 years ago
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Five of my favorite bits in this episode:
1) Trace imitating himself as both of his characters. Awesome.
2) Mike throws Servo into the theatre. "That wasn't very nice." lol
5) "It's Trixie Belden and Honey!" My mom had a bunch of those books and I loved them as a kid. My pre-Nancy Drew stage.

1001 - Soultaker - over 3 years ago
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This is one of my very favorite MST3K episodes. It is SO ridiculous. And we get to see Joel and Frank! Furthermore, I enjoy the Shout Factory! annotations. It's kind of like Pop-Up Video. Too bad they don't go bloop bloop when they pop up. XD

424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate - about 5 years ago
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So, I'm about to watch Manos: The Hands of Fate for the very first time. I don't know, it feels like a momentous occasion.

306 - Time of the Apes - almost 7 years ago
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Time of the Apes started out as an entire TV series broadcast in Japan (of course). Sandy Frank then edited the whole thing down to a 97-minute movie. BBI pared it down even further to make KTMA episode 17. This episode is missing at least one scene from the KTMA version, but it's honestly a little less confusing without it.

Special guest appearance by baby Eli Mallon (son of Jim?).

Paper Bag and I (A Halloween Story)
Forum - about 4 years ago
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So once again my Halloween plans have fallen through. This was only the second Halloween I've attempted to celebrate since... THE INCIDENT.
This is probably my favorite personal story I like to tell people about, and in the spirit of Halloween, why not share it with you guys? Plus, since I'm not going to a concert tonight anymore, I've got plenty of time and nothing better to do. So siddown and listen up, kiddies.
Once upon a time I was eleven or twelve years old. Possibly both, although probably not at the same time. I was entering that awkward phase of my life that preceded my infinitely more awkward pubescent years. My social anxiety issues really started to blossom, the only friend I had was really a crappy friend to have, I became a vegetarian, I finally realized it wasn't a good idea for my mom to dress me anymore. You know, awkward stuff. But, in my own way, I was setting the stage for who I am today. Normal? Hell no, that's not me, that's not my style.
So what was I going to dress up as for Halloween? I was tired of store-bought costumes. I'd been a Power Ranger, a NASCAR driver, an astronaut, a pumpkin (I was a baby for that last one and I was adorable). A year or two before I'd been a donkey---it was a homemade costume and you only knew I was a donkey if I told you and you stretched your imagination to your fullest. That was unique, though, and I wanted to do something else in that vein---something no one had done before, something you'd never see a kid wearing to go trick-or-treating. So what should I be? I wondered this all October, until it was a week before Halloween and time for the annual American Legion Halloween party I went to every year. The day before the party, while I was raking leaves in my grandfather's yard, I knew what I had to be.
A paper bag.
The inspiration came from the big leaf bags we used to collect raked leaves. But how could I get a paper bag costume? Well, the answer is about as easy as you'd expect: I could wear one of the leaf bags! Putting one over my head, I was delighted to find it came down to my knees. I had my costume. I gleefully told my mom and grandfather and they were glad to help me out with it. (All the while thinking to themselves, "A paper bag? Really? I knew this kid was a weirdo, but still...") I had eye holes cut out and slits just big enough for my arms to fit through. The arm holes were for emergency purposes only and would rip if used. A paper bag doesn’t have arms, after all. Underneath I just wore regular clothes. Not like anyone would notice---I could have been pantless and barefoot and no one would have noticed because THE HELL?! Is that kid a paper bag?
Day of the Halloween party. My costume was hot and hard to walk in. At best I could shuffle. And bending over? Not gonna happen while wearing a heavy-duty paper bag. So I took it off, folded it carefully, and waited to don it until the judging. Yes, the judging. Every year all the kids would go out onto the floor in front of the DJ (and Vietnam vet, this being an American Legion event). He'd play Monster Mash and similarly themed music, and we'd all strut about, dancing if we choose to do so. Only one would walk away with the coveted "best costume" award and the pile of candy that came with it.
I knew I wasn't going to win. My costume was a frickin’ paper bag. I was no match for the older kids and their fancy vampire and zombie costumes. I wasn’t even a match for the real little kids, who’d bump into another kid, fall down, start crying in their little toddler costumes, and get “awww”ed at by the adults.
But I was damn proud of my bag costume. I strutted my stuff, even though I had no peripheral vision and couldn’t do much of anything besides show the other parents how neglectful and poor mine were to let me wear a paper bag. I knew I didn’t have the best costume, but I knew I had the most ingenious. No one at the party had ever seen a costume like it. That I was sure of.
The judging ended. The third place winner was announced. Then second. I was devastated. I knew my costume was awesome. It should’ve gotten at least third. While the DJ stalls announcing the winner, I slunk back to my table with my family in defeat. I don’t pay attention to who won. It wasn’t going to be me… And then my mom gets my attention. “Alex, go up, you won!”
I won. Best costume out of thirty-something kids. I won with a paper bag.
I was on cloud nine for the next couple of days, waiting with feverish anticipation for Halloween to come. I couldn’t wait for hundreds of strangers to see me, a giant paper bag, walking around on Halloween night. The night arrives. My dad comes over to take my brother and I trick-or-treating. I don’t remember what costume my brother wore. It wasn’t a paper bag, I know that much.
And here’s where everything went downhill. I’ve mentioned that it wasn’t easy to walk in a giant paper bag, and since I refused to use the arm-slits out of pride, it was even harder to hold my bucket for candy. It didn’t occur to me until we got to the first house that it was going to be a bit difficult getting candy without lifting up my bag every time. And I didn’t want to lift up the bag, even a little. It’d spoil the illusion that I was a real, authentic, walking, talking paper bag.
I worked it out with my brother, so that we’d both go up to ring the doorbell, but he would receive all the candy since I couldn’t and we’d split it. Most houses we went to gave my brother double the candy too, so it all worked out. Well, it worked out for about another block or two. By that time I was sweating inside my bag, struggling to keep up with my father and brother. They were getting increasingly impatient with my slow speed. My dad would ask, “Why don’t you just take it off?” But then I would have no costume. And you can’t go trick-or-treating without a costume. That’s the Golden Rule of Halloween.
The night was not going as I envisioned it. I knew my way around the neighborhood, so I told my brother and dad I was going back home. They protested but I didn’t listen. They continued on their way. So now I was all alone, walking slowly back home in the dark. People would pass me by, some would say something, and I’d just ignore them and continue going back. I was upset, wanting to cry but at the same time too angry to cry. My brother and dad were stupid. They didn’t understand the beauty of my costume.
Then---teenagers! The absolute worse kind of creatures one can encounter on All Hallow’s Eve. There were three or four of them, all boys I think. I tried to ignore them, tried to stay under their radar. But the were walking my way. A confrontation was inevitable. And sure enough, those teenagers took advantage of a younger kid walking home alone wearing a paper bag with no peripheral vision. They teased; I ignored. The teasing turned to insults. My night was already ruined. I didn’t care what they said. My brother and father were right: my costume was impractical and dumb. I hated wearing the thing now. But I had to get back home with what little candy I carried with me. That’s when the pushing started. I couldn’t run away in my bag, I couldn’t see where they were as they kept out of my limited sight. A push from the side, a push from the back, a push from the other side, and I was done. I flung the bag off me. Threw down my candy bucket. Ran home crying, vowing to never again celebrate Halloween.
There’s no happy ending to the story. I was traumatized for years by those teenagers and the complaining of my brother and father. Never again would I wear a costume. I hate costumes still. One time in college I went out drinking with a couple of friends the Saturday before Halloween. They wanted me to dress up. So I copied something I’d seen on the TV show The Office, and wrote BOOK on my face. I was Facebook. If I had gone out tonight, I would have worn just a red clown nose. They were being thrown around at a burlesque show I was attending, so hey, there’s my costume, I thought.
Whenever I tell this story to people I don’t expect or want sympathy. The “incident” happened a long time ago. When I look back on it it’s just an amusing story to tell people. Maybe make them smile or laugh.
This story is completely true, by the way.

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1001 - Soultaker - over 3 years ago
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Sweaty proletarian pecs!

1001 - Soultaker - over 3 years ago
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Knock you on your ass, mom, so help me.

519 - Outlaw of Gor - about 5 years ago
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Mike, will you make me my own jack-booted dominatrix?

407 - The Killer Shrews - about 5 years ago
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[Door slams; woman jumps and screams] "Honey switch to decaf!"

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"Woah, sorry boss, I got weak ankles."