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622 - Angels' Revenge - almost 7 years ago
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'Shine your Love' is the worst song in any MST3K movie.

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I think a better name for this film would have been "Death Stalker III: The Warlock, His Lost Rock Collection, and His Mixed up Zombie Friends"

110 - Robot Holocaust - almost 7 years ago
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This was truly a bad movie. Bad. I have been rewatching the older episodes to get a break from watching my favorites over and over. I had been really pleased with being reacquainted with the early versions of the bots, scenery, etc. However this movie was so bad and wasted some really precious time, I just don't think I can go on! Oh well, back to season 8!

910 - The Final Sacrifice - over 7 years ago
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"And I will be the one hold Larry Csonka down ...and kiss him so hard"

813 - Jack Frost - over 6 years ago
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Nope not a princess,........ you are a clown!

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Look at the scene where Deathstalker hides in the tent and uses a stick to make the princess think that he has a knife in her back. If you look at the two guards for the princess, ONE OF THEM IS THE AZTEC GUY FROM PUMAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D My life is now complete.

813 - Jack Frost - over 7 years ago
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Those bandits reacted like clubs are hard to come by in the forest.

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