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MST3k/Rifftrax mini-marathon fundraiser spectacular bonanza! Benefitting The Ampersand School! May 10th at ACME Superstore in Longwood, Fl. !!!!!

Favorite Episodes

  1. Space Mutiny
  2. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  3. Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
  4. Time Chasers
  5. Puma Man
  6. Laserblast
  7. Alien from L.A.
  8. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  9. Outlaw of Gor
  10. Devil Doll
  11. The Giant Spider Invasion
  12. Horrors of Spider Island

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814 - Riding with Death - over 6 years ago
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This flick is endlessly weird but i happened to come across the diary of the key grip on the film, Andrew V. Soong, while doing research at the Priscilla Ptomkin Library in Bluffville, Mo.. Apparently Mr. Soong had moved to LA and was part of a crew painting the apartment of the film's female lead, Trisha Faloon. He apparently developed a lifelong fascination with her career and in the end, murdered Ms. Faloon on the eve of her wedding in 1989. In his diary he relates the story of being hired by the director as key grip upon the recommendation of Ms. Faloon even though he had no experience in movie making. In fact, the character of Wild Bill was fashioned and played by another member of the painting crew, Willie Harbuncle, who had a great uncle who had played concertina in the Harry Speck Jug Band during the mid-1930s. Willie was beaten to death in 1993 after his audition at the Pineview Terrace and Bowl-a-Rama was interrupted by hecklers from the Daisy Chain Bakery Bowling Team. Anywho, the continuity problems one finds in "Riding With Death," are explained in the diary by the persistent interference of the wife of the executive producer, Tilly Schmully. Mrs. Schmully had recently gained her release from the Sonoma Restorative Center for the Greatly Puzzled and was now determined to finally begin her career as a General Annoyance. Her contrary attitude resulted in the addition of the stock racing scenes and the expansion of the script from a story of transporting a dangerous explosive to the more involved plotting revolving around the enmity of the head of Intersect towards Robert Denby. Rumors of a romantic link between Mrs. Faloon and Wild Bill are confirmed by the diary entries. These two then were able to have themselves appointed as supervisors of the final edit.

810 - The Giant Spider Invasion - over 7 years ago
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I love how much that scientist lady fails to sound intelligent. It starts with that very odd remark about how a teaspoon of super-dense matter "could only be lifted with a giant crane". Who talks like that? Are theoretical giant cranes a superlative scientific benchmark? She might as well be saying "In technical terms, a neutron star could beat up Superman."

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How was Servo talking at the end?

Forum - over 7 years ago
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Nominees for Best Acting in a Coleman Francis Film: Petey the Plane, That Rabbit from Beast of Yucca Flats, Clouds, Birds, Trees, and A Dead Fish. MSTies, please cast your votes.

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810 - The Giant Spider Invasion - over 7 years ago
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I'm starting to wish the South would rise again and crush the North.