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Pilot - The Green Slime - about 8 years ago
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The bit from a convention at the beginning of this is interesting. What's cool about seeing the pilot episode of TV shows is seeing how the show has changed over time. The show started out very different looking, but the premise stayed the same throughout the seasons. Originally, they had almost no budget and were filming the show in one of the few rooms of a public access channel TV studio in Minnesota. That they were able to keep this intentionally cheesy, Middle American pop culture infused riffing style even after they hit the big time. Even The Movie is recognizable as the show even if it is inexplicably missing all of Dr. Forrester's assistants. Not many shows survived the transition from idea to actual show on mainstream TV with as few changes as MST3K did.

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The link for this one seems to be broken.

K01 - Invaders from the Deep - about 8 years ago
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Looks like I was too late to see it. Oddly enough only this one and a few others on this Youtube channel sparked copywright infringement protests. Apparently after those, they gave up and decided to let the guys who posted the channel have their fun. I doubt that Rhino or Shout Factory will ever release the KTMA episodes on DVD so they might as well leave them on youtube.

K04 - Gamera vs. Barugon - over 9 years ago
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Riffing seems awfully slow on these episodes.

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