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  1. The Creeping Terror
  2. The Final Sacrifice
  3. The Atomic Brain
  4. The Deadly Bees
  5. The Screaming Skull
  6. The Unearthly
  7. The Phantom Planet
  8. Revenge of the Creature
  9. Invasion of the Neptune Men
  10. Night of the Blood Beast

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Forum - about 7 years ago
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Knowing about Hodgson's career in stand-up, as a prop comic, I did some rummaging around on YouTube and found this footage of his appearance on Saturday Night Live, circa 1983. If you squint, you can see the germs of an idea for MST3k in this Godzilla Vs Megalon-themed bit:

Forum - about 7 years ago
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Here's a treat for all you mashup artists out there, or just any other MSTies who enjoy obscure and slightly "retarded" music: the original un-riffed "Night Train To Mundo Fine", the stirring and evocative theme from Coleman Francis' "Red Zone Cuba":

Honestly, this is actually starting to grow on me. I don't know why. The lyrics are your classic hard-boiled, hard-livin' hard luck story, and Carradine's voice has a perversely charming poor-man's-Johnny-Cash sound to it. Mind you, that doesn't mean I don't still think that this was one of the most ill-conceived decisions in the history of American films.

All together, now, gang...!

Forum - over 7 years ago
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I love it when Tom sings over the music in the movie. Two of my favorites are the smooth jazzy "Best that you can do/Best of my love" during Time Chasers and "Wings of a Dove" during Boggy Creek II. Do you folks have favorite Tom singing during the movie moments?

Forum - about 7 years ago
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Okay, this one has been bugging me for quite some time: Was "Night of the Lepus" ever riffed on this show? I swear I had seen it at one point, but now I cannot find it anywhere. Am I wrong? Or just mistaken perhaps?

910 - The Final Sacrifice - over 7 years ago
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It reminds me of an episode of "The Littlest Hobo"

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701 - Night of the Blood Beast - about 7 years ago
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Well we had to snap him in half, like a frozen dog to get him out of the space capsule.

701 - Night of the Blood Beast - about 7 years ago
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Should have worn a cup...

902 - The Phantom Planet - over 7 years ago
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These guys are bothering me with their ladythings.

910 - The Final Sacrifice - over 7 years ago
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Wow it's EXPO 67!