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  1. Fugitive Alien
  2. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  3. The Castle of Fu Manchu

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323 - The Castle of Fu Manchu - about 6 years ago
2 laughs

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OMG, seriously, do they have to pay people to own a copy of this movie since Christoper Lee is in it? I still think Manos is worse, but man, I would rather sit through three viewings of Mighty Jack than watch this ever again.

314 - Mighty Jack - about 6 years ago
5 laughs

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Seriously, this movie makes Fugitive Alien look like a masterpiece.

310 - Fugitive Alien - about 6 years ago
2 laughs


This is a great imported Japanese film/TV show, somewhat cheesy, but still compared to Mighty Jack, this is much better.

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