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603 - The Dead Talk Back - almost 7 years ago
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I'm surprised (as both a HeadDead and a MYSTie) that TV's wisecracking Crow lost the beard and hair each time they went back in the theater; all 3 of them usually have any skit's wig on when they go back to a movie (remember Mike's beehive? Crow and Tom's hockey hair?)....."The Skinny Bot Rocks!"

episode not listed??
Forum - over 6 years ago
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I remember watching an episode which I believe was called "city on fire" or something like that. It was during the Joel era (probably season 1 because he had long hair and the production value was public access quality : ) starred Leslie Nelson. After going through the list multiple times I cannot seem to find it. Is it on here and I just missed it or am I going completely insane??

603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 7 years ago
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45:20 .......... CROW IS : JERRY GARCIA

And a little to well if I might add. The 2 hour long guitar solo is
very accurate.

Just a reminder...
Forum - over 6 years ago
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Watch out for snakes, everyone.

Life of Brian
Forum - over 6 years ago
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I'm going to have to insist we all boycott Family Guy until Seth MacFarlane gets off his lazy ass and un-kills Brian instead of just writing, producing, and doing the voice of the three other characters he does.

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The three GREATEST opening theme songs of all time:
1: Believe it or Not (Greatest American Hero)
2: SOL Theme (MST3K)
3: Suicide is Painless (M*A*S*H*)
I swear to the Holiest of Gods if someone replies to this post adding "Friends", I will lose faith in humanity...

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603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 6 years ago
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" Jerry hair!"