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  1. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  2. The Phantom Planet
  3. Agent for H.A.R.M.
  4. The Starfighters
  5. The Violent Years
  6. Space Mutiny
  7. Pod People
  8. Ring of Terror
  9. Time of the Apes
  10. The Final Sacrifice
  11. Hamlet
  12. Hobgoblins
  13. The Space Children
  14. Parts: The Clonus Horror
  15. The Loves of Hercules
  16. Starcrash
  17. Yongary
  18. Night of the Blood Beast
  19. The Deadly Bees
  20. The Deadly Mantis

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Forum - 11 days ago
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What riff-related stuff have you got that most of the rest of us have not?

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"The Island" clearly ripped this movie off.

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Crow mentions "Water Joe" among his caffeinated safeguards, which I'd never heard of before this (and somehow never noticed any other time I've watched the episode), but apparently it's a Minneapolis company, so it makes sense that they'd name drop it.

401 - Space Travelers - about 4 years ago
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It's late at night and I can't get my brain to work for me: someone please remind me of the source of the little beeping ditty that Crow does at 27:31-ish. I'm pretty sure it's like a communicator ringing sound from a sci-fi franchise, but it's eluding me at the moment.

Doug McClure
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Speaking as a millennial, this and Earth's Core just made a TON of Simpsons jokes make sense.

608 - Code Name Diamond Head - almost 4 years ago
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I watched this movie before bed last night and woke up this morning to see that Ian McShane had been cast in the American Gods series. I thought to myself "Surely not the same one in this turkey.", but nope. THIS guy will be playing Odin.

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By the by, does anybody know who the guy is that calls out the episode number at the start of a lot of these videos?

513 - The Brain that Wouldn't Die - almost 7 years ago
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Big shout out to this film for being an obvious influence on "Re-Animator" as well as for showcasing some truly impressive and hardworking bras.

WAiT: Santa Shlonged?
Forum - about 3 years ago
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Did anyone (besides Mr. J Wong) score sweet MST/RT goodies over the holidays? ...Or did you come across anything HELLA BAD ASS that you wish you had gotten? Tell us, especially so I can be bitter, jealous, pout, and imagine Santa getting shot out of an airlock, and... well, you get the idea.
Honestly, I looked at absolutely zero merch, because there's only one thing I want in this big, dumb world: MST 3017 Rebootage ;-p

Want to be an extra?
Forum - about 3 years ago
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Not on MST3K, but a sketch that Bill Corbett and Jonah Ray are shooting on Saturday in Minneapolis.
Information here:

What Are You Laughing At?
Forum - about 3 years ago
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Here’s a phenomenon I’ve seen mentioned briefly in interviews or MST documentaries – easier if I just cite an example. Watching an episode with my 12 year old grandson, the movie’s giant bug or whatever has left a trail of destruction in its wake, and the riff is something like “Oh, Keith Moon was here.” The kid cracks up laughing. On a hunch, I ask “Do you know who Keith Moon was?” Nope. Not a clue. Never heard of him. But he was laughing just the same – real, genuine laughter. What the hell is that? I enjoy researching and writing annotations ( to explain stuff like that, always thinking it’s “for the kids,” but maybe I needn’t bother. I’m not sure it’s just kids, either. Ever experienced this? Any theories?

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MST3k The Movie. - almost 5 years ago
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That's not funny, Ruth; *I* was a slave!

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The first nuclear-powered karaoke machine!