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303 - Pod People - about 7 years ago
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Does anyone else think that the "Chief?" "McCloud?" joke gets to be like nails on a chalkboard? Especially after seeing this episode countless times?

The Mystery Science Mystery Show...!
Forum - almost 7 years ago
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My MST3K story (like anyone cares): I remember back around 1997-98 spending the night at my buddy's house one weekend, and he switches on the TV to MST3K (which I'd never heard of). We watched the whole episode, laughing our butts off and eating Nutella popcorn. For years after that night, I periodically thought about "that one show with the dudes peanut-gallery-ing movies while you watch along" but had no idea what it was called or what channel it was on or anything. You see, this was all in the 90's when I was just a kid, and my folks didn't have cable TV or internet yet (technophobes). So life went on for a while. Then, in college (where all good things happen) I got invited to chill one night with some friends like usual. I get there, and someone pops in a vhs of MST3K! I of course thought to myself: "HOLY CRAP IT'S THAT SHOW FROM WHEN I WAS LIKE 8!" i had started to believe maybe I had hallucinated MST but no! There it was before my eyes! Now I knew what the show was and I had internet! The path became clear, find out more about the show! But I was in college with much to do, so I put MST on the back burner for... ok I forgot about it for a few years. Then a few months ago Netflix put a bunch of episodes up on instant streaming that reminded me, so I watched those then proceeded here! Fin. P.S. Yes Nutella popcorn is every bit as F***ING AWESOME as it sounds.

Forum - almost 7 years ago
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So now I have that crappy Paul Anka's 'Girls Town' song stuck in my head. What's the remedy for this?

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309 - The Amazing Colossal Man - almost 7 years ago
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And how is our little Johnsonville brat doing?